Arts-Related Entertainment Venues Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 22:55:10
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Arts-related entertainment venues have been around for many years and have been very useful not just for education purposes. People say that admittance to these facilities be free of charge. However, do believe that not all museums or galleries should be free for general public. Let us take a look at the advantage fife are to lift the charges for admittance to those places. It Will attract many people not only local residence but also tourists.
Students can learn so much from museums; they will get a lot of information and even see the actual stuff. It is way better than seeing it from the internet or in textbooks. However. Running a museum or art galleries is not that easy. Monthly cost needs to be taken care of. The maintenance of the venue is not cheap for the government to take full responsibility. The government will have to provide monetary funding in order to pay the bills, care takers and other workers.
Furthermore, It is not only the maintenance that they have to look after but also the Research and Development, they have to put a lot to effort and funding in order to support the project. The only way to solve this is to implement the admittance charges but we have to mindful that not walks of life can afford to pay one. In conclusion, I do believe that putting charges to arts-related venues are acceptable as long as it is at the lowest price and government to put a lot a funding to maintain the facility.

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