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Published: 2021-09-11 17:45:09
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Recently the cloning of a living life form was brought from the realms of science fiction to reality with the cloning of a sheep named Dolly.
The instantaneous reaction of the world have been mixed. So many questions arise. What if some one like Suddam Huisein had access to this technology? Would people want to identical copies of deceased friend and relative? What are the chances of people illegally obtaining blood samples of, for example, Albert Einstein, Elle McPherson, or even John Howard for sale on the black market? Could this development actually be used for a good such as bringing back endangered or extinct animals? Is their a way we can possibly outlaw and enforce cloning?
This new technological development can not be passed of. It has the potential of enormous benefit to society.
To think that we have the power to bring certain endangered species back from the verge of extinction is mindblowing but we still have many issues to face before we can step through the door of the future without any fears.
The world must face the fact that their will always be people that abuse the system. If cloning is not, in any form, made illegal we will see all of the concerns previously mentioned come true. These laws will certainly need to be drafted and enforced by the United Nations because if it was to become illegal only in the USA, we will see people going elsewhere to conduct their business. Some countries would no doubt place no law against it in the interest of luring business from other countries. If one country is to be outlawed, they all must.
Outlawing cloning totally must not be treated as the only choice. Many would argue that we have an obligation to bring back the species that we have forced to the brink of extinction. This must be taken into heavy consideration as it is a core issue.
The simplest thing the we could do is go to the UN and get the total banning of cloning. This would clear up all the moral issues and frightening possibilities, but would this be the wisest thing to do. From this there would be nothing to say that cloning could not be undertaken illegally around the world.
In my opinion this is a very important technological breakthrough that we cannon ignore, nor fully control. We must attempt to control it as a world wide problem. We must let it be legal for certain places to do research into getting back some of our endangered species. Cloning animals is all very well and I can see no potential problems in this. The cloning of humans is where problems are encountered. The best solution for the problem therefore would be to make the cloning of humans illegal, and the cloning of animals legal under closely observed circumstances.

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