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Published: 2021-09-01 21:40:12
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Summary: Hamlet is upset with his mothers hasty marriage to his King Uncle Father,Claudius following his fathers death. He suspects foul play which is later confirmed bythe ghost of his father. Now, Hamlet is set on avenging the death of his father as a favorto him. At the same time, he must figure out who is more at fault, his mother oruncle-father. This completely messes with Hamlets mind and he is confused entirely onhis situation.
His reaction to her marriage in the first place sent him into deep depression,but now, there might of been an alterior motive to the whole thing. Also, there is a certain amount of hatred/jealousy towards Claudius projected fromHamlet. It all pertains to the subject of the Oedipus Complex. Was Hamlet indeed inlove with his mother and longing to take the place of her affections? 1. a father killed, a mother stained.
. . Quote used to describe basic plot. For while few of us have murdered fathers to avenge, and not so many adulterousmothers to shame us, there will be hardly a man in any audience to whom that wordmadness, in some one of its meanings, has not at one time or another come dreadfullyhome.
Gertrude is shown sensually in love with Claudius, and seductive enough to make himcommit murder for her sake. This shows Gertrude as a vixen and suggests that she isthe reason that Claudius commited murder. Hamlet rages at her no more. But the compassion stirred in him soon hardens to irony.
He has, she tells him, cleft her heart in twain. His O, throw away the worser part of it,/And live the purer with the other half. . . only preludes the Good-night; but go not to mineuncles bed;/ Assume a virtue if you have it not.
. . . Hamlet is talking to Gertrude inher chambers after the play and is informing her that she is a sinful and lustfulwoman.
This is when he suddenly feels a sense of passion for her. 2. Explaination of Gertrudes Character: Gertrude, Hamlets mother, is one of themost crucial characters in the play because she is the focus of the love and/or anger of thetrio of men who have been or are in contention for Denmarks throne–Hamlets father,Claudius, and Hamlet himself. In Shakespeares timeless version, Gertrude is less aware of any wrongdoing. She ismore of an innocent sex object manipulated by her husband and son and frustrated by herdesire to love and please both of them. The Ghosts Obsession with Gertrude: Before he disappears, he returns to the topicof Gertrudes sexual misdeed, but again admonishes Hamlet to leave her to heaven.
Theghosts second appearance to Hamlet is prompted by the need for further defense ofGertrude. Hamlets resolution when he is preparing to visit his mothersbedchamber. . . seems to be failing. His frezied attack on Gertrude gains verbal force andviolence until the ghost intervenes.
Hamlet shares the ghosts obsession with Gertrudessexuality, but is dissipating the energy that should be directed toward avenging his fathersmurder in attacking Gertrude. . . The ghost intervene to . . .
command Hamlet to protectGertrude, to step between her and her fighting soul. Gertrude (cont. ): Hamlets violent emotions toward his mother are obvious from hisfirst soliloquy, in which twenty-three of the thirty-one lines express his anger and disgustat what he perceives to be Gertrudes weakness, insensitivity, and, most important,bestiality. Claudius speaks respectfully of Gertrude throughout the play. His toleration forHamlets extraordinary behavior is for his love for Gertrude.
Gertrudes attractiveness for Claudius is one of the causes for obsession–and his sexualposession of her is one of the results–of the murder of old Hamlet. Although he clearlyloves her-he shares the Hamlets conception of Gertrude as an object. She is posessedas one of the effects of his actions. Though he loves her so, he will not stop her fromdrinking the poisoned wine, which asks many questions for his self-restraint. She is repeatedly ordered off by Claudius, which he does both to protect her from thediscovery of his guilt and to confer with her priavtely about how to deal with Hamlet.
Guilt of Gertrude: When speaking to Hamlet, the ghost does not state or suggestGertrudes guilt in the murder

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