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Published: 2021-09-01 16:20:14
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My short paper is on the poem called Mending Wall by Robert Frost. I chose this poem because of the message it gives the reader. Mending Wall represents a picture of two people from New England whom is working together to restore a wall that had been damaged in the winter.
The two New Englanders are neighbors. One of them, the speaker in the poem, feels that there is no need for a wall to be kept where is not needed. His neighbor just accepts what his father always said to him: Good fences make good neighbors. In the poem good is meant in a negative way. In other words, what the father meant was that the better and stronger the fence is the less you see of your neighbor.
In America, people try to stay away from others as they can. Some think that by doing this, there would be less problems and their life wont be as complicated. One phrase most commonly used is I need my space. And in the poem, the neighbor was trying to build a barrier between his neighbors. In America, usually we see people putting up fences in a way that they could have privacy, which is not bad at all, because we deserve some space and privacy in our life.
But, sometimes we have to be careful that the fence is not build among each other socially. In Mending Wall, the speaker felt that there was something that didnt want that barrier among them. He would see that no matter how good they try to build the wall, there was always a gap in between. For him, the gap meant that the wall wasnt meant to be there in first place. I enjoyed this poem because its what I sometimes see among the people.
I, like the speaker, dont think that the purpose of having a wall or a fence between two people should be to keep them away as much as possible. As humans we need a way of communicating with each other. We also need our privacy but this shouldnt be let to interfere with our social life.Words/ Pages : 377 / 24

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