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Published: 2021-09-13 10:05:10
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Autobiography In every person ‘s life the learning experience for writing in any language can vary a lot. Not everyone has the same way of thinking; therefore, your individual learning style or learning route suits other people.
The only similarity in the learning process of writing for every individual, is that they need how to read in order to write. In my case, I had a weird starting line when I learned to write. Not only because it is unique, but because most people don ‘t have the opportunity to do what I did. To begin with, my writing experience began at around 3 years old.
It was odd from any other child, because I learned how to read musical sheets and how to write them before I learned how to read and write in any other language. I started piano classes when I was 3 years old. It might seem absurd, what can a 3 year old baby do with a piano? Actually a lot, just playing random notes helped me to developed a sense of rhythm and tone; likewise, my hearing ability developed faster than any other children. With this rapid development on my sense of rhythm, reading came so easy for me.
Reading in Spanish was almost automatic, and as a result, writing in Spanish was also kind of easy. Writing in Spanish seemed liked something I was already hard wired to do. Everything made sense for me, the only thing that was really challenging where accents. In Spanish we have a kind of apostrophe that goes on top of a vowel, it is called a “tilde”.
It basically marks that the…

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