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Published: 2021-09-10 23:40:08
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The tone in this poem was pretty easy to pick out. The speaker seemed like he was in a hurry to get some pleasure from this lady. The speaker explained in a lot of detail that he would spend forever with this woman, but tried to make her realized that they don’t have forever, so he also explained that we shouldn’t waste time doing the same thing and should start living life to the fullest. To me all he wanted was ex, because he seems really desperate and the speaker was speaking.
Also the poem had a loving tone to it too, because he did sound like he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but he Just wanted to do different things instead of the same old thing they were doing. This poem I think had a few different tones to it which made it interesting to read because you could put it in what you think it is. There was one big theme of this poem and it was extremely easy to pick out. Which I like poems like this because it is easier for me to understand what the poem s about.
The theme of this poem is to live life to the fullest and don’t waste your life doing the dumb or boring things. You can’t make fun memories when you do the same old boring things, you have to explore new things and make new memories. When you waste your time doing the same thing forever you will miss out on all of the new things in life that you could be doing. Also I think another theme that could go with this poem is to spend your time wisely, because you never know what could happen in your life. Finding the themes in poems make it ten time easier to understand and also to relate to it.
The word order is important in this poem because it makes it have its own style. Each and every poem has its own word order, and I think that what makes each poem different. For this poem the word order make it easy to understand what the speaker is saying. In the first part of the poem it starts off that the speaker would spend forever with his lover and never would stop loving her. In the second part he then explains that they don’t have forever and eventually will die and also explains that owing all those things for that long would be a waste when they could be doing something new.
The third part of this poem the speaker explains that they should live life to the fullest and explore new things to have more memories and also to have a better life. I think the word order is very important in this poem because it sets up the moral reason at the end. Explaining this poem help me to better understand what was all going on in this poem. Next I’m reading a poem I’m going to look at what tone the poem is producing and also trying to find the theme.

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