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Published: 2021-09-02 14:55:12
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Have you ever gone skating on a BRIGHT, SUNNY day?!?!?! Well.
probably not, But oh well cause it really sucks, cause its to hot. Well anyway, skating RULES not only is it fun but its challenging, for me at least. Another reason to skate is cause in this town its RISKEY and ADVENTUROUS, if u want to call it that, because its ILLEGAL so thats pretty much all the reasons I like it. Others who dont skate seem to just like watching us cause of our AWSOME wrecks.
The skateboard has been revolutionized over the years. It has had many changes, which are very helpful and make the sport much more fun. I do know that skateboarding commercially started around 1965 with the Roller Derby board, I can also say that the old school skateboard was a crap load harder to work with then the modern day skateboard. The Old school skateboard was VERY wide and only had a square tail. The modern day board is not quite as wide and has a slanted nose and tail with curved ends. The slanted nose helps with tricks suck as a NOLIE.
The newer designed boards also come with a curve that goes from side to side, this is called concave this helps u keep your footing on the board, old school boards did not have this wonderful addition. The modern day board is MUCH lighter then the old school board which weighed a ton. The social effect of skating is positive because it allows you to interact with others, unless you skate alone which most people dont do. Skating could have an educational effect I suppose, if so it would be that it teaches you persistence and patience, as well as discipline. Skating is not socially excepted if you skate you are automatically stereotyped as a bad kid.
People only think this because we are not provided with a legal place to skate therefor we skate at Car washes and Circle Ks, and get arrested in the process sometimes. Supposedly this is a problem because we ruin their business cause were loitering this is no different from what all the other people who drive around at 9 oclock and go to the car wash and sit their in there cool cars. The solution to this problem would be to let us skate in town or build us a Skate Park. Another solution to all these stereotypes is to educate the public, which is next to impossible cause all the old idiots in this town wont listen to a bunch of little hoodlums who think they know it allstupid old people. One way to put the solutions into practice would be to send out a petition asking for the support of the taxpayers and registered voters for a Skate Park.
I recently spoke with one of the globe police officers and he said that they wanted to build a Skate Park up at the community center but no one would support their tax dollars to build this cause supposedly we had been running our boards into windows and such and breaking stuff. This is not true and is just an accusation so that they can put the blame on some one. If this were true I would have heard about it from my friends, seeing as how Im friends with most of them. (ask class) How many of you would support an us in constructing a skate park?? Would you guys and girls be willing to help us out in trying to get the support of the community to build a Skate Park and get ride of the stereotyping by talking to your parents??All we want to do is go out and have a little fun its just like going and playing basketball or baseball, we have a batting cage, football field, and basketball courts, so why cant we just have a Skate Park, its no different its just another sport but a whole lot cooler and a lot less liked. Bibliography:

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