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Published: 2021-09-13 03:05:10
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Students should be encouraged to play sports whether it be for school or just in their spare time, but I recommend it more for a team. This gives them so much and the lessons learned are unforgettable. It teaches teamwork, hard work, dedication, health concern, responsibility, good sportsmanship and so much more. They get confidence and are much better students in general. Players must keep their grades up and are much less likely to do drugs and have sex as proven by numerous studies.
Even in the off season, they realize how bad health practices can affect their performance. It gives them something to do and keeps them out of trouble. I think athletes are more well rounded people. The only exceptions are the images of other athletes on TV such as Dennis Rodman, that some let the time spent at practice prevent them from doing their full potential in school, injuries, and doing their homework.
Teach them all the strong points that sports can benefit them and watch them strive! It can improve their and others’ lives by making them healthier, hard working, and determined. There are so many benefits if the sport is taken seriously. So let them play sports or began to play one yourself and become a stronger person. All of this from playing a game of fun and challenge!!!!Bibliography:

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