The Discovery Of The New World And The Columbian Exchange Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 14:05:11
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Entry 1 In chapter one of the study book by Foner Eric, we learned about the discovery of the New World and the Columbian exchange. Some of the notable first Americans who settled in the newly discovered land included Indians, mound builders who resided along the Missisipi River, western Indians and those who lived in the eastern north America. It is also crucial to mention that the New World was robust with activities such as construction work. It is most likely the early inhabitants of America shaped the land and reputation of this region as we know it today. Civilization through religion also played a vital role in advancing the ideals of the American society.
For example, the Native American religion was the centre piece that fast-tracked social activities like hunting and farming. Entry 2 The second topic reveals a lot about events at Jamestown. Between 1607 and 1660, the New World and England were at close interaction with each other. At the same time, the religious conflicts that reigned during 16th century were a major source of conflict that destabilized England. Nonetheless, it is surprising that the conflict did not turn down the rapid integration and growth of civilization between 1607 and 1660. While England sought to interact with both North America and Ireland, its mission was to subdue the emerging states and probably declare itself as the watchdog and dominant force to reckon with in both Europe and North America.
These were vivid motives for colonization. In spite of the conflicts emanating from religion, England and the New World continued to build strong ties. Entry 3 Immigration was a vital undertaking bearing in mind that human habitation of the new land was needed. Initially, Englishmen wanted to ventur. .t historians referred to as the Great Awakening.
Entry 10 From 1820, rapid reforms in various sectors of the American economy began in earnest. Perhaps, one would wonder why reforms were necessary in a nation that had gone through so much transformations and tribulations. As expected, the era of reform came as an impulse since it was hardly anticipated. Utopian communities were used in the reform policy. The long-founded Mormons ‘ Trek was also instrumental during this time. We may not also ignore the terse relationship between religion and reform in the new age in America.
After the Second Great Awakening, religious revivalism became a reality. Perfectionism was thereafter perfected by these religious enthusiasts and pundits. This stretched further into campaigns against slavery and slave trade that were still being practiced in the ‘civilized’ American society.

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