The French and Indian War Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 15:30:10
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The French and Indian War Essays were the last conflicts between the French and the English for control over New England. They were a series of four wars including the King Williams War, The Queen Annes War, The King Georges War, and the Seven-Year War all fought between the years of 1689 to 1763. These Wars took place in Europe and America between the British and the French.
None of the wars were directly fought between the French and the Indians. They were actually between the French and the English and their various allies. King Williams War was fought in New England; it was part of a much larger battle in Europe between the French alliance (France and Spain) and the Great alliance (Great Britain, The Netherlands, and the Holy Roman Empire). King William’s War was the first of the four North American wars.
England and France fought between 1689 and 1763. The fights took place mainly in the region of the Kennebec River of Maine in the east and the Connecticut River in the west; although some of it took place back in Europe. The French and English colonists and their Indian allies raided each other’s settlements, with the massacre of many people. they approach like foxes, fight like lions, and disappear like birds The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol.
10, pg. 190 when they attack. After many English Raids in northern New England and Canada, the French governor of Canada, Comte de Frontenac, planned to attack on New York City and Boston in 1690. As initial steps in his campaign, the French and their Indian allies burned Schenectady, N. Y.
and Salmon Falls, NH. Then moved forth to destroy Fort Loyal, Maine, while French privateers based in Nova Scotia stopped New England shipping. The New England colonists raised an army of many and selected Sir William Phips, the new governor of Massachusetts, to be their commander. This army took control over Port Royal in Nova Scotia and unsuccessfully attacked Quebec. For the rest of the war the French and their Indian allies ravaged the northern frontiers of the English colonies.
The Peace of Ryswick in 1697 restored Port Royal to the French but left the colonial problem unresolved. The battles continued into Queen Annes War. The Second of the four wars was the Queen Annes War. It was pretty much a continuation of the King Williams War, and again half of the war was still being fought over in Europe between the French and the British. The Queen Annes War was the result of a worldwide trade rivalry between the American Colonists, France, and England.
The Two main events of the Queen Annes war both occurred in the American colonies. They were the Capture and burning of St. Augustine, Florida by the British in 1702 and the burning of Deerfield, Massachusetts and the killing of nearly all the inhabitants of the town by the French and their allies the Indians in 1704. Also, in America there were three unsuccessful expeditions in 1704 and 1707 by troops from New England against Port Royal, Acadia (Which is now known as Nova Scotia).
The conquest of Acadia in 1710 by colonists supported by a squadron of British ships and commanded by the British colonial administrator Sir Francis Nicholson. The failure in 1711 of a large British and colonial joint military and naval expedition against Quebec and Montreal. The war was ended in 1713 by the Peace of Utrecht, which also brought to a close the War of the Spanish Succession. By terms of this treaty, the French ceded Acadia to the British, as well as Newfoundland and the Hudson Bay territory. The French retained Cape Breton Island.
King George’s War was the third of the four North American wars. Again, it was between the British and French over control of New England from 1744 to 1748. During the period of peace after Queen Anne’s War, conflicts arose between the French and British for control of North America. In 1744 the French captured and destroyed a British fort at Canso, Nova Scotia, and carried the prisoners to the French fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island. Governor William Shirley of Massachusetts appealed to the .

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