The Secret World Of Walter Mitty: Walter Mittys Li Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 21:25:11
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fe SucksIn the short story of the Secret World Of Walter Mitty. His life sucks. His wife uses him and picks on him. People around him put him down. And justabout everyone thinks he’s a whimp, accept for him.
Poor Mitty, his life willprobably always suck. His wife is always nagging him. She thinks he’s always sick. She likesit because she can control him.
She want’s him to be at her feet. And she wantshim to think she’s superior. The lady on the street thought he was crazy. She probably thought he wasa sick, big, wimp, and a loser. Maybe she thought that that was a guy who neverscored in his life. To put it in another word he was just a funny looking, crazy,sick, loser of a guy.
The parking attendant thought he was dangerous in a car. He thoughtMitty could be pushed around. And should be walking instead of driving, buteven then he could be dangerous at that. He thought Mitty was a wuss and allaround wimp.
Walter Mittys life sucks. Everyone thinks he sucks. Even the lady on thestreet thought he was a loser. But what must really bite his own wife thinks hea loser.
To bad he lets everyone push him around. Walter Mittys life willprobably always suck.Category: English

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