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Most Popular Cannabis Festivals In US

There are a lot of different festivals that are taking place around the globe. However, some of them are stand out from the crowd. These festivals gather weed lovers. Most of these fests come on April 20th, which is an unofficial data of celebration for hemp lovers. Let’s check the most popular Cannabis festivals in the US.

High Times Cannabis Cup

This festival is held every November and April from 1988. It takes place in the states where medical marijuana is legalized. The fest includes live music, seminars, and expo for hemp growers and manufacturers. VIP judges examine differently weed strains and award the best company. Also, everyone can try new CBD products for free at this festival and provide their review. Do not hesitate to examine the Lazarus Naturals CBD review to take a deep dive and learn more about CBD products.

Mile High 420 Festival

It is one of the most remarkable events in Denver every year. When the festival starts, the city stops. In the traditional Colorado style, the fest offers a lot of ways to pass the time. There are a lot of local and country-wide bands, different attractions, and kiosks that sell various products. Here, you can find everything from top-notch Cannabis Sativa weed to penny sweets that contains Cannabidiol. If you know nothing about CBD products, feel free to check the Hempworx gummies website.

National Cannabis Festival

The NCF is a big day for weed lovers in Washington, DC. The primary aim of the National Cannabis Festival is to celebrate the legalization of hemp and educate people. Among a stage with artists that entertain the public, there are a lot of seminars where people can learn more about Cannabis.

Seattle Hempfest

It is one of the most most popular weed fests that comes every August in Seattle. Visiting this fest, you enter the place with an insane atmosphere of absolute freedom. The festival looks like only cannabis enthusiasts, and volunteers care of its organization.
It faces a lot of problems with the fest organization every year. However, the help-lovers community can overcome all the issues and run a feast that is worth visiting at least one in life. The fest offers a lot of live music, seminars, and hemp stores. Also, a lot of manufacturers present the latest CBD products like justCBDgummies at this festival.

420 Hippie Hill

It is the oldest Cannabis festival that takes place in San Fransico. On April 20th, the Hippie Hill gathers thousands of weed lovers and become a place that is friendly to smoke. The entry to the fest is free. 420 Hippie Hill fest always was a place of absolute freedom. Thank the community groups and cooperation with the government this fest becomes more organized every day. There are a lot of food stands and kiosks that offer weed and different CBD products. If you want to learn more about non-THC products, examine Elixinol reviews.

Final Words about Cannabis Festivals

Whether you like Cannabis or take some CBD infused oil, every one of the festivals will be a great place to pass your time, meet new people, and smoke some weed. Remember that the primary goal of these fests is not to smoke marihuana with friends and listen to music.
Weed communities are doing their best to run festivals that gather hemp-lovers and educate other people that smoking weed is not a crime. Moreover, it can help reduce stress and relieve pain and treat mental disorders.