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One human race essay

When kids learn history, they are usually present to disparate parts of their own nation. They can be learning that not everyone or everything is perfect. Maybe people can’t get along with each other. Maybe not everyone thinks the same. Maybe people don’t have a common ground together. Against all odds, there can be a miracle. Conflict is the place where unity can grow from and where diversity use for progress. Nonetheless, individuals can unite as one human race as they stand through people’s differences together and their pessimistic behaviour.

People’s differences will lead to discrimination and discrimination is still exists and always will, but that is where diversities are use for progress. For instance, in Eboo Patel’s blog, “Making the Future Better, Together”, he writes, “Respect, relationships and service to the common good--that was Washington's ethic, the three pillars on which he believed a diverse democracy would thrive” (5). Patel makes an allusion to Washington’s ethic that we should respect each other which then cultivate good relationships between people and at last we serve each other as a normal human being, no matter what our races, religions, or ethnicities can be. Continues to that, Patel also writes, “‘They would be encouraged to cultivate good relationships with fellow citizens from other backgrounds, no matter the tensions and conflicts in the lands from which they came’”(4). Patel claims that everyone should come together and unite as one by making another allusion to what Washington wrote in his letter. They are to encourage to abandon the foolish idea that people are better apart. We should learn not to put our pride over friendships with others. So no matter what the conflicts between the fellow citizens from different backgrounds, people need to conceive good relationships with others regardless of their races, religions, ethnicities, and more so the nation will not divide itself against its own nation. It may have taken a tragedy for people to come together but nevertheless, when people from all backgrounds coexist and serve one another, that is a common good which increases the chance of unity.

One of the biggest things that it was hard to unite people was their pessimistic behavior yet that is also where unity can grow from. Patel writes in his blog, “...watching women in Islamic headscarves brave the stares and scowls of some of their fellow Americans on an anniversary no one will ever forget”(3). Here, people were in sorrow and grieves so the only way they can release their anger out were to make those Islamic people a scapegoat for their overwhelming emotions over their loved one. Regardless, when people come to realize their wrongdoings, it natural for people to come together and reconcile and that helps build up the positive relationships within the society. Beside people’s grieving and foul mood, people can be very determined toward the common goal. The feelings of competitiveness can be seen in Abraham Lincoln’s speech, “The Gettysburg Address”, he says, “It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us...we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion”(28). Lincoln’s drive of ambitious could be seen that he was resolute that he can unite people together in order to finish whatever the honored soldiers had started so that they will not have died in vain. Lincoln is urging people to come together and be united as they stay to their commitment of finishing whatever the honored soldiers started . Here, when people find a common ground such as common enemy, a common goal, or even a common enthusiasm, unity can be achieved undoubtedly.

Not everyone believes that people could unite regardless of whatever the reasons could be. In “Once Upon a Time”, Gordimer writes, “There would be no way out, only a struggle getting bloodier and bloodier, a deeper and sharper hooking and tearing of flesh”(16). This can be an example of apartheid. South Africa is used to be a country where apartheid occurred. The country segregate the upper class of white people and the lower class of black people. South Africa government “brainwashed” citizens and make them think that segregation of blacks and whites was a positive thing. The coils that were added to the wall represents the darkness of segregation that if people keep trying they will end up not achieve whatever the goal they had set. South Africa might has not been a perfect country but the time of apartheid ends, but they stand stronger than ever before. People could see that this division is a positive thing as people learn that when they segregate themselves, they are hiding in their fears and cowardices, and they end up isolate themselves from the society when everyone was trying to make it a better place. However, the most successful countries are those with only “one human race.” Quindlen writes, “ Other countries with such divisions have in fact divided into new nations with new names, but not this one, impossibly interwoven even in its hostilities”(4). The nation has conflicts on its own, yet people are all still unite as one whole even when they are withstanding against their own nation wrath against hatred, racism, and differences of people or race.

Nothing is impossible, it is just difficult. While there is still hate in the world, but that doesn't mean it will prevent a successful nation from thriving. People may not be perfect, their country may not be ideally successful, yet they are still unite as one despite other’s differences and doubtful behavior. It seems like not all of those things are true because at the end of the day, individuals live together as “one human race” peacefully and respectfully. .
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