Animal Cruelty And Family Violence Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 13:10:09
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For the past few years, I have been interested in learning about the
problems society can face or do face; when it comes to animal cruelty and family
violence. Even for a good amount of American families the family pet is loved and cared
for. For others, it is a terrible thing to think about; but it happens. For many years, there
has been a lot of issues families face when they witness animal cruelty. It is worse in
children; whom witnessed the most animal cruelty and violence against one another in
their homes.
They learn from everything the parents do and may act upon it later on in
life. That is one of the main concerns that Animal Cruelty And Family Violence Essay becomes a
problem. Usually in this case, the results at the end never come out positive.
I have learned so much after studying and researching over the internet,
reading books from the library, or asking professionals. Professionals like, veterinarians,
veterinarian technicians, animal behaviorist, and animal shelter workers. On a particular
website, I found something on The Abuse of Animals and Domestic Violence.
It was
an article from A National Survey of shelters for women who are battered. Also, who
witnessed animal cruelty in their homes before they were battered. I read the article and
found it quit interesting. Here is a part of what I found:
A moment later Francine heard Nicky screaminNickys cry was so
hard she couldnt talk. Id never heard a child cry like that. I held her in my arms until
she calmed down enough to tell me what had happened.
Mickey (Francines husband)
had warned her that if he found the cat on the porch hed wring its neck. When he caught
her with it the second time he took it out of her arms and just broke its neck in his two
hands. (McNulty, 1989)
You often hear, read, see, or often experience situations like this, to where
domestic violence starts; with animal cruelty of some kind. There are too many of these
kinds of situations where people are very silent about. More people need to be more
involved with the situations around them; including witnessing animal cruelty. Usually
something that has to do with animal cruelty, means that a family or just a child who is in
That may cause problems later on; if nothing is done about it. Not only because
of animal welfare, but to the health of the human race; that usually means families or just
society in general.
Cruelty is a socially unacceptable behavior that intentionally causes
unnecessary pain, suffering, or distress to a death of an animal. The association of animal
maltreatment with cases of child physical abuse, the sexual abuse of children, and partner
battering or domestic violence. This usually starts off with maltreatment of animals,
usually pets, may occur in homes where there is domestic violence.
Domestic violence usually, most of the time starts with animals being
abused by perpetrators for frighten their partners, as a threat of potential attacks, as a
way to feel superior to others, who have no way of fighting back.
From what I have researched, these kinds of situations are agreed that
interpersonal violence is the greatest single threat to human civilization. A lot of problems
are caused in family and in the rest of human civilization. This is because of animal
cruelty. Whether it is a household pet or other animals roaming outside in neighborhood
Pets have been part of American families for years, where almost most of
those families with school-age children, have at least one companion animal. These
animals are often treated like members of the family.
But, if the family is experiencing
violence they become targets as well. Usually they are the firsts to experience violence
before the rest of the family.
The family pet is often an important source of comfort and stability to the
victims of abuse, particularly children. But abusive family members may threaten, injure,
or kill pets. Often, as a way of threatening or controlling others in the family.
Many women and children, whom have been housed at shelters, have
discussed incidents of pet abuse in the family.
Children who have witnessed .

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