Animal Farm Essay Introduction

Published: 2021-09-10 16:40:10
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Mr. Jones owned and managed Manor Farm.
He was a bad man who liked to drink. Things on the farm got so bad one night that he fell asleep so drunk that he forgot to lock in the animals. The beasts took advantage of the situation and held a secret meeting. Led by the pigs, they ran the Joneses from their home. The animals of the renamed “Animal Farm” formed a system they called “Animalism. They followed a set of principals known as “The Seven Commandments of Animalism” which forbade the animals to associate with humans or to adopt any of their traits.
The leadership of the farm quickly fell to Napoleon and Snowball, the two most ambitious pigs. One day Mr. Jones tried to recapture the farm, but due to Snowballs clever tactics, he was driven off. The Battle of the Cowshed, as it was called by the animals, deepened the conflict between Napoleon and Snowball. Snowball came up with an idea to build a windmill to help with the production of the farm.
Napoleon and his guards pretended to oppose the idea and they ran Snowball off. After Snowballs exile, Napoleon takes over the windmill idea. The animals are put to work like slaves, but the conditions on the farm worsened. Although they had all agreed to abide by the Seven Commandments, one by one they are rewritten.
One night, after a terrible storm, the animals awakened to find the partially built windmill in ruins. They have to restart the construction. Meanwhile, the pigs move into the farmhouse where Napoleon makes a deal with Mr. Fredrick, one of their neighbors, to sell 2 CShim lumber. However, Mr.
Fredrick pays him with counterfeit money and blows up the windmill. The animals worked tirelessly to rebuild the windmill which had been somewhat changed in design from Snowballs original design, but only the pigs benefited from the profits. The pigs take on so many human traits that eventually it becomes “impossible to tell the pigs from the men.”

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