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Published: 2021-09-12 18:45:12
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pic What was the significance of the French Revolution? pic Prashant Sabapathi World History II Mrs. Boyle What was the significance of the French Revolution?Atkinson, Phillip. “The French Revolution – The Start of the Decline ofWestern Civilization.
” French Revolution January 25, 2004. http://www. ourcivilisations. com (accessed October 27, 2004). I used this source as my internet source.
The information in thesource seems to be written in a scholarly way; however, there is nothing onthis article that can lead me to think that all the information that theauthor gives is credible. The website has a “. com” ending rather than a”. org” or “. edu” ending, which leads me to think that it did not come froma scholarly university.
This website is just a website that I found usinga regular search engine. I did not get it from an encyclopedia searchengine, so the source does not have a well-known or scholarly author. Avalid reason to question the credibility of this source is the author. Theauthor is not well known, which means I couldn’t trust all the informationthat he provided. The content of the article seemed to be pretty good, andthe article had more than three pages of information. Most of thisinformation pertained to my hypothesis.
However, it was unclear to mewhether or not the information provided in this article was credible ornot. Overall, I think that this article had a lot of information, but Iwould not use it because I question its credibility. Bentley, Jerry H. , and Herbert F.
Ziegler. Traditions and Encounters. 2nded. Vol. 2. Boston, Massachusetts: McGraw Hill 2003.
I used this textbook as my source. This book is filled with information onWorld History. I found a section that was about six pages long on theFrench Revolution. We use it in history class, so I know it is highlycredible.
This source was good because it not only had a lot ofinformation about the French Revolution, but it also had maps and picturesto compliment the information. Both authors, Jerry H. Bentley and HerbertF. Ziegler are well-known authors. I know this because I typed each oftheir names in a search engine and both of them came up with many resultsthat relate to different World History books. Overall, I thought this wasan extremely good source because of the amount of information and picturesit contained.
Bentley, Jerry H. , and Herbert F. Ziegler. Traditions and Encounters. 2nded. Vol.
2. Boston, Massachusetts: McGraw Hill 2003 picThis is a great picture that I found in the Bentley Ziegler textbook. I amusing this map as my visual. This map indicates the different territoriesthat were owned by different countries during the time of the FrenchRevolution. This somewhat relates to my thesis because it shows whichcolonies had more land.
Having more land led to be a better fightingforce. Both authors from this book are very credible because they are verywell known. I found this out by searching for each of them on theinternet. I found each of their names on websites about World Historybooks. Burke, Edmund. Reflections on the Revolution in France.
Garden City, NewYork: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1972. I used this book as one of my primary sources. I used it as one of myprimary sources because this book had a letter written by Edmund Burke init. I found this book at Howard Community College. I asked a librarian ifAnchor Press was a credible source, and she said that it was.
This bookcontained the events and experiences that occurred to Edmund Burke duringthe French Revolution. In this book, Burke is reflecting on what happenedduring the Revolution. This book was about one hundred pages in length. Ithought this book was a great source, because it was full of informationabout what it was like to participate in such an event.
Edmund Burke wasan Irish born political thinker who played a prominent part in politicalissues for approximately thirty years, from 1765 to 1795. He passed awayin 1797. Jules, Michelet. History of the French Revolution. Edited by Gordan Wright Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987.
I used this book as one of my general sources. I found this book in thereference section of the Howard Community College Library. This book waspublished within the last twenty years, and it was published at a well-known University. This led me to believe that this source was extremelycredible. .

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