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Published: 2021-09-01 02:10:13
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Reality T. VWhy do people watch Reality T. V.
? What makes it “reality”? If it isreality, whycan we separate our lives from theirs? Reality shows aren’t really reality,they just depictsmall pieces of real life. Most people think of it as just an ordinaryshow. Others see it assomething that they can relate to everyday life. Given this; there aredisputes while livingtogether, arguments, and actual fistfights can break out when viewing thesetypes ofshows.
Sounds like real life right?When you actually put time and thought into it before you watch it,(most peopledon’t analyze the tendencies of these shows) you begin to notice that adesignatednumber of people might act the same way in a different show, or may actthe same way,every time. These characters are developed as the show progresses, gaining”specific” attitudes. The characters consist of the witty, shy, smart-assedloud mouth, anda relatively mellow character. All must have encompass some traits; if theydidn’t, itwouldn’t really appeal to the viewers.
You can’t make money out ofsomething peopledon’t watch. The way society is designed, most people watch what is shoved intotheir faces,and watch what is given. To watch these shows, you need the I. Q.
of 1. Whydoes theirreality differ so much from ours? Society also determines how the people inthe showsact during the course of it. For instance, if two people are beingevaluated, and they getbad reviews, the editors of the show clip out parts that are “irrelevant”,and they showparts of that person that would make them more appealing to the viewers. This isn’t right,adjusting the way that a person is shown so that they be more appealing,with or withoutthe persons consent. This cant be real, Dramatizing people for the solepurpose ofentertainment. Racial issues are in this as well; most shows consist of a variety ofnationality.
They try to have at least one of each of the ethnic groups. This way, theshow may drawattention from viewers from different races. From my personal view, thedirections ofthese shows are headed down a one-way street, there’s hardly any characterdevelopment. Most of them center on just a few themes, including danger, dating andfamily feudsituations. This goes on and on from one show to the next.
This isn’tsomething that wehave to struggle to understand. The shows require a little directing and alittle fewerscreen writing. They compete for prizes which vary (cars, to money, even ahusband / wife!). Then to add to the drama, they add a twist; a person hasto vote off theirfriends, or the one least liked, some are even voted off by the actualpeople who watchthe show.
All in all, reality T. V. may be something that you and your friendsand family cansit back during the day to watch just to get a kick out of it. As for thereality part, youmay not find that much, if any at all.
It may be the new thing in T. V. , butits still got along way to go before it deserves the name “Reality T. V. “.

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