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Published: 2021-09-01 23:05:11
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CarsonI would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Smith for asking me to speak today on behalf of Carson. First things first, everyone grab a tissue and wipe your tears.
I know Carson is here right now and she is watching us come up here and cry, I know she hates that. She hates it when anyone cries, so everyone cheer up, crying is not what she would have wanted. We are here to celebrate and commemorate the life of a truly wonderful girl. I never in a million years thought that one day I would have to say good bye to such a wonderful soul.
Carson, you were a shining light in my life for thirteen years. How can let you go with so much of our lives left still to experience. I remember the first day we met; truthfully I didn’t get a good impression of you. You were wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt, I hated that cartoon.
But you redeemed yourself by inviting me inside for snacks and a soda. It was only a matter of time before we were on the front lawn selling lemonade and playing house. I even broke my wrist in your backyard, boy did I feel stupid when everyone else could do a cartwheel and I couldn’t. The countless sleepovers, bike rides, movies, and fights made our friendship flourish. Today, though I want to tell you about the Carson I knew.
The girl who always put others before herself, the girl who loved, the girl who was beautiful inside and out. Carson was a straight A student who was very hard on herself, grades were very important to her. She also knew that there were those who didn’t do well in school, so she would tutor anyone who asked. I know I would have never passed physics without her. Carson was a talented child right from the start.
She would give me chills when she played Beethoven’s 5th symphony on her piano. Oh yeah, did I mention she was also an extremely gifted artist. She put her heart and soul in her drawings; I always thought they were her essence sketched onto paper. She was athletic, one of the best soccer and tennis players I have ever seen. Carson spent hours on end practicing; she was determined to be the best she could be.
It never mattered what others thought of her ability, her self satisfaction was all she was aiming for. Most importantly I want to tell her family just how full of love her heart was for them. Mrs. Shelly, a day never went by without Carson displaying the little love letter you would put in her lunch everyday. She would then hold it to her heart for a moment and then fold it up and save it inside her locker.
She took pride in the fact that she looked just like you, and that you saved a little of your time each day to ask about her day. I remember when we were little and making mother’s day crafts, she tried so hard for hers to be perfect, so as not to disappoint you on your day. You meant a lot to Carson, no one could ever replace a wonderful mother. Mr. Jack, Carson was so thrilled that you coached every one of her soccer teams. She would always brag to other girls that her dad was the “head honcho” and would come straight to practice from a busy day at the office.
I saw the hugs she gave you, her arms would never let go. She worried about you when you smoked and even cried to me that she couldn’t bear to loose you to lung cancer or emphysema. When you quit smoking it relieved her and she was able to rest easy knowing her dad was okay. I think the term Daddy’s little girl is a huge understatement to describe your strong relationship. Bond, you were her brother almost a twin because of the one year age difference. Your petty arguments and sometimes wrestling matches with each other were your ways of showing love.
Nevertheless, she was glad to have you around. If you weren’t, who would supply the random boys to drool over? I wish I had that type of love with my siblings, please know it was and still is something precious. We have to realize that Carson’s life changed us all. She showed us that we have to be kind and generous to everyone, we have to get out there and experience life in sports and recreation, and that it is necessary to express ourselves through art and music. Carson taught me what love was, her heart and soul were two things no one could come close to surpassing in terms of depth. I once read in a magazine a column that was titled “The most memorable person you’ll ever meet.
” For me and everyone else in this room that person will always be the one, the only, Carson.

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