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Published: 2021-09-12 17:25:09
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r international omission of care by aparent or caretaker that causes a child to be hurt, or killed.
Child abuse can be stopped by killingpeople that commit offenses like beating or sexually molesting a child. What causes child abuse? Child abuse is mostly caused by mistreatment of a child by aparent or any other adult. The other ways that child abuse is caused, is by neglection of a child. Sometimes drugs and alcohol cause child abuse, but only eighty percent is caused by drinking.
Children can bring adults a point of rage, but there is a difference between anger, or mistreatment,and actually repeating accidents that involve severe hitting, and screaming. Many children that arebeing mistreated or neglected today, would most likely grow up to abuse their own children. There are five different types of abuse. There is physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Nutritionaldeprivation, Emotional deprivation, and Parental neglect abuse. This is the main reasons thatcause child abuse. Who would do such a thing as abusing physically or sexually molesting a child? There aremany male molesters and abusers, but there are more female abusers.
Children have the right tokeep their bodys to themselves, and keep them private. They dont have to take the abuse ormolesting, and they have the right to not want to take it. How can you stop sexual abuse? By being sexually abused can not make you become ahomosexual. When you talk about sexual abuse to a counselor or another caring adult, youbecome brave, and you will be able to stand up for your right to stop the sexual abuse. It is notright to hurt a child, and anyone that hurts a child deeply needs serious help. Some solutions tosexual abuse, and physical abuse are that you should prevent family members from becomingstressed or isolated.
You could also report the accidents that have been repeated. These are someof the many solutions to some of the problems. People that commit these offenses like beating, or sexually molesting a child can bestopped by killing those people. There are many ways that cause child abuse, and they can all bestopped. All of the male and female abusers should not be able to be in contact with a child, theyshould be killed.
All of the causes have solutions to them, so use the solutions if you knowsomeone who abuses a child, or a child that is being abused. To conclude, child abuse is anextremely harmful act that needs to be stopped. .

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