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Published: 2021-08-31 17:50:13
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To be able to believe that some one or thing exists, it must be a universal idea that others have at least heard of.
It also must be tangible to a human being and have some sort of physical evidence or others accounts of evidence to show that it does in fact exist. If the object or person cannot provide hard physical evidence, then how does it get humans such as our selves to believe in them? The answer seems simple enough, faith. Religion, in general, has been around since human beings have first graced this planet. No one knows exactly how it actually came about, but we know that it is here and still is here today.
God may or may not exist. Through the faith of the people He most definitely exists to them. He is praised, worshiped, and glorified by over one billion people through out the world. Those one billion people trust and believe that God exists without having to have physical or logical evidence. They say that through all things God exists.
Why? Because supposedly He created all living things on this planet. Scientists, however, have their own idea of how Earth was created. So, how do we know that He truly does exist? We cannot see what He looks like, or what He sounds like. We also do not have records of His birth or death.
There are many beautiful murals and paintings of Him through out the world, but which one is He? How can someone devote their selves and time into something they cannot see or hear? It seems like a waste of time to some. To others, religion acts as a crutch for comfort and safety. Some say that he does exist in our everyday lives in everything that we experience. Others, however, believe that He exists in money and say that if people donate money the Good Lord will heal you and love you, but you have to donate some money first before he can do anything. It is sketchy and since when was having faith in God a paid service? Some people only pray for what they need, and sometimes might not even really need it and act as if God is Santa Claus. He is also a crutch for those who are insecure and need to find comfort.
Therefore, meaning that it could be a trick of the mind. Which also demonstrates why He appears in visions and dreams to some people. The only real evidence that we have of God is through the bible. The bible is supposedly based on the first and second hand accounts of the apostles and his followers. Through out the bible it displays the many miracles performed by God, stories teach parables and morals, and most of all the Old Testament shows a great amount of faith in Him through his chosen leaders and the people.
We do know that the apostles and Jesus did in fact exist then through birth certificates, baptismal certificates, or other means of showing that they were part of this world in their own time. Through them, they claimed, God performed his miracles and spread the good news. Our first pope in the church was one of the apostles, and some of the others to follow are descendants of him. That could also be another account of evidence that he did exist. Saying that God does indeed exist is like skating on thin ice, because it is too risky to go out there and just think everything is going to be ok without knowing for sure if it really will be.
However, many people still believe that God does truly exist in their heart, mind, body, and soul. Also, that He does in fact perform miracles and helps those who are in need of it. In conclusion, to believe in something it should have physical and logical evidence that it indeed does exist, tangibly. If it cannot bring evidence that it does exist tangibly, does it really exist? If so, then how? Which brings Gods existence back to question. It is very hard to place a definite answer to this question.
God may exist, no one

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