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Published: 2021-09-10 20:35:10
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Emily Bront? was one of three sisters who became famous novelists. Emily’s only novel is Wuthering Heights, which was published in December of 1847. Emily was from the Yorkshire village of Haworth. Emily was born on July 30, 1818 to Reverend Patrick Bront? and Marie Branwell Bront?.
She was the fifth child of six. The village of Haworth was very isolated. Two years after they moved to Haworth, Mrs. Bront? died of cancer. In 1824 the four eldest girls were sent to Cowan Bridge School, a school for the daughters of improvised clergymen.
The conditions there were very unhealthy, and as a result Emily’s eldest sisters, Maria and Elizabeth died and Charlotte became very ill. Mr. Bront? had Charlotte and Emily brought home. As children Charlotte, Emily, Branwell, and Anne worked on serial stories. Charlotte and Branwell wrote the history of the Angrians and Emily and Anne wrote the Gondal Chronicles.
When Charlotte was fifteen she was sent to school at Roe Head, and when she returned she acted as a tutor to Emily and Anne. In 1835 she returned to Roe Head as a teacher and took Emily with her as a student. Emily didn’t stay away long she loved the moors too much and she became violently homesick. Most of Emily’s life was spent in Haworth except for a six-month period that she taught at Law Hill School in Halifax and an eight month stay with Charlotte at school in Brussels. Emily was happy in the seclusion of the parsonage and the wild and lonely moors. During her lifetime she only wrote one novel, Wuthering Heights in 1847.
She would never no the success of that novel because of her death in December of 1948. Even though Wuthering Heights received bad reviews at the time of publish it has become on of the great literary novels used by schools today. Other works by Emily Bront? are The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bront?, which was published after her death, and Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell, which she published with her sisters in 1845. Emily’s Death followed the death of her brother Branwell.
It was at his funeral that she caught a cold that killed her. Her sisters knew she was dying, but she insisted on keeping up her regular rounds of duties. On December 19, 1848 Emily died at the age of thirty. I believe that Emily Bront? place in history is restricted to literary classroom.
Wuthering Height, although a great novel is very confusing and not of this time. Most people in today society want to read an up to date novel and Wuthering Heights is clearly from the past. Bront?, Emily. Wuthering Heights. Barnes and Nobles Books, 1993Hinkley, Laura L. The Bront?s: Charlotte and Emily.
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