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Published: 2021-09-11 16:10:08
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Human trafficking is a major issue prevalent around the world and within the boundaries of our own country. Many people have come to accept trafficking and other forms of prostitution as socially acceptable. And although most people have come to understand the injustices of the issue, there are certain policies and even values that supersede the morality.
With over tens of thousands of women and young children being bought and sold into slavery every day, it becomes clear that this is an issue that needs to be more seriously addressed. The only way to restore to the victims of trafficking their human rights and to prevent this crime from continuing to take place, we must first educate ourselves and understand how it came about, so that we may raise awareness and save those who are most at risk. Its been said that with knowledge comes power. Power to make a difference and change lives.
Power to better society, and maybe even change our nation as a whole. If we hope to end trafficking, we have to first understand its origin. The practices of trading sex for money dates all the way back to the third millennia. In Zac Fanni’s article A history of Prostitution, he explains that prostitution originated in Mesopotamia as a religious ritual. The Samarians, one of Mesopotamia’s first civilizations, worshiped the goddess Ishtar, the goddess of love and war.
Women in Ishtar’s service would help men who offered money to her temples with the “sacred” and “divine” powers of their bodies. Men of different rank could hire the women and give a financial sacrifice to the temple from which she came. The king would often take part in these religious rituals as well. It was thought that if the king and the high priestess preformed the sexual ce. .
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