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Published: 2021-09-10 13:05:09
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“ARGH! I’m going to get you, you little brat!” screamed Taylor, a 14 year old native of Calgary, Alberta. Taylor whizzed around the corner to beat up her little brother Jay. “Ha! I got you Boomer!” exclaimed Taylor.
“I’m gonna tell mom and your gonna be in trouble ! he he. ” replied Jay. As soon as Jay made that remark Taylor let him free. Jay knew that saying that he’ll tell on her would convince her to let him go anytime, so he ran around her and pulled her long auburn hair. Taylor’s soft green eyes all of a sudden turned hard, dry, furious green as she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him out in the stormy cold air outside and locked the door. “Let me in, I’m not a dog!” yelled Jay.
“Oh yes you are. ” replied Taylor, and she grabbed a book and spoke gibberish to the ceiling. All of a sudden Jay started feeling funny in his tubby stomach. When Taylor was done gibber jabbering, she opened the door and said, “Come here boy.
” When Jay saw her, it looked like she had grown about three feet because all he could see was her knees. He walked in and sat down, looked at the black screen and saw a reflection of a beautiful golden retriever. “You got a new dog Taylor!?” asked Jay. “You weren’t mad at me, Taylor. You just threw me outside because you didn’t want me to see the new dog yet!” exclaimed Jay.
“That is what you think” said Taylor. Jay stared at her in confusion while Taylor got a mirror. She showed him what he was. He was a dog. He screamed, but actually he barked while running in circles chasing his tale without even knowing it. Taylor hooked up his leash on his collar and called the Humane Society.
They were there in less than ten minutes to pick up Jay. TThey picked him up but he noticed this wasn’t an ordinary dog catcher. This dog catcher was his mom. She picked him up and threw him in a cage, and they drove for hours until they finally stopped at a laboratory. She put him in a small cage with 5 other dogs. One dog started talking to him and said, “Jay? Is that you, Jay?” Jay said yes.
“I’m Juan, your best friend,” he said. Juan told Jay that Taylor wasn’t his real sister but that she was a remake of the Wicked Witch of the West of the movie Wizard of Oz. So Jay and Juan broke out of the cage and started home. While walking they ran into a man with three legs, two tongues, and a really big nose. The man gave them a biscuit for each of them and told them his name was Rufus. Rufus said he met them because he used to be a dog and now a human.
Rufus said he’d trade positions with them, but that they would have one major side effect. That side effect would have Jay’s body with Jay’s head, but it also would have Juan’s head. So with the potion Rufus had, they traded spots. Rufus was now a dog and the boys were a freak. Juan and Jay took a bus to Calgary.
When they got there, the city had totally changed. Instead of it being really cold, it was like Arizona. Calgary was now a desert of destruction. Every person was a dog or a cat, but about a mile away they saw a Castle, and so they knew. . .
They hopped on a goat, and they were on their way. Jay and Juan were at the open gate and went in. They saw Queen Taylor West and ran up to her, grabbed her spell book, and spoke. They were back to normal. Jay and Juan cornered Taylor and spoke in the terms that were in the spell book, and Taylor turned into a gummy worm. Jay picked it up and said.
“This is for you, sis,” and he ate her. At that same moment everything went back to normal, and he had his real parents that he had never met before because they were dogs also. They all lived happily ever after in their home. Bibliography:

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