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Published: 2021-09-12 00:20:09
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Film Prioritization Case Analysis The film division of a large entertainment conglomerate must determine which film projects meet the company’s objectives and assign them priority. Seven films are weighed against three “must” objectives and seven “want” objectives by top management. Only four to six films are produced a year by this film division. It is important then for the top leadership to select only the film projects that have a solid return on investment and maintain the highest standards in the industry.
The seven film proposals are: My Life with Dalai Lama, Heidi, The Year of the Echo, Escape from Rio Japuni, Nadia, Keiko – One Whale of a Story, and Grand Island. My Life with the Dalai Lama is prioritized last because overall it would be a poor investment. A cute popular children’s book doesn’t always spell success in a film. The initial return on investment is low and the probability of it doing well in a theater setting is minimal.
It could be released as a DVD with coinciding stuffed animals and small play figurines. The film is about one of the great teachers of Buddhism and this would unfortunately discourage other religious sects from allowing their children to watch this educational film. This film could do well in an IMAX setting and could be billed as an educational family event. Heidi is ranked number two for several reasons.
Initially there would not be a real strong showing at the box-office. It is a family film and would have a strong appeal to girls and older women (enjoyed the story of Heidi when they were young). It will do well when released as a DVD and has strong marketing possibilities. Dolls, accessories, jewelry, clothing, and backpacks are some of the items that would sell well. With an all-star cast, there is always a huge push for these kinds of films come Oscar time

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