Free Is Expensive : Does Making College Tuition Free? Essay

Published: 2021-09-12 20:05:10
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Free Is ExpensiveDoes making college tuition free in America actually sound possible? At first thought the concept draws the support of many, however the reality is that nothing in this world is actually free. Unfortunately the shortcuts in life that many think of always fail. Even the best free college tuition plan created by Americans falls into the pile of failed ideas. Free higher education seems practical and beneficial for society until a numerous detailed looks are taken. While it is true that free tuition is already used some smaller countries, the fact of the matter is that America has historically show to be at its best when its society endures hard work rather than receiving a free ride.
Any attempt to install a free college learning experience in America should not be supported because it would require a tax raise that slows economic growth drastically, students would treat college how they treat high school, and tax money should be used for budgets that are needed rather than wanted. When a tax raise occurs, people stop giving the economy the money it needs to run functionally because competition among businesses diminishes while unemployment rises. Instead that money is now going to taxes which have deadly effects. Society makes their financial decisions based on the state of the economy meaning that once an economy weakens, many things have gone wrong. When it comes to monetary value, businesses are at their best when they are competing. In a non-competitive environment, owners do not learn what works best for their company.
Managers also no longer learn how to manage a diverse range of employees. Their only focus becomes generating max profit for their bosses because the consumers are weakest when they are depriv. .comes profitable for universities to take advantage of. Universities sole focus should be the education quality, so in the case that more money is given to them instead of students, they will have the funds they need without increasing tuition even more. Their focus should then shift to making sure students graduate and do it on time so that they are not accumulating any large debt.
The way to do this is by hiring the best quality professors and developing new teaching methods which is possible if the money is shifted to the right place. Making everything free will never solve the problem and those that think it will need to look back to when America was number one in college graduation rate when tuition was still not free. When the time comes that America has the best college graduation rate again it will be solely because of the success rate of students attending.

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