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Published: 2021-09-01 02:05:10
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Hi Kuat,As Zemus said in response to your post on the baord . . . 1.
Use the Com-Unit link on the left of your screen, in the links toolbar. 2. After the grey screen appears there will be a pop up window asking you about Java . . . click on “Yes” otherwise you cannot access irc.
3. Once this loads the screen changes and you will notice all sorts of options. In the centre is a box containing our gal co-ords. That means that the default irc option is our gal room. Click on the arrow near to it to access a drop-down menu which allows you to enter other rooms including the main Planetarion chat room which is VERY busy and hectic! 4.
Near the bottom of this page is a link about servers. Click on the arrow to access the different servers. Basically, if one server is down then use another. Either way, Kudos assures me that whichever server you do choose, you will still be able to make it into our gal chat room.
5. So, just press the connect button and you will now load our gal chat room. 6. Once in there, check the layout. You type in messages in the bottom window the long, thin one and they are then displayed in the main window.
The names of those in the room are displayed in the section on the right of the screen. While in irc you can do a few different things . . . you can type in colour, change your name, etc. .
You will need to find out the way to do this but most require a little code . . . e.
g. to change your name type . . . . /nick .
. . . and then type in whatever name you wish to change to. So if this was me, I normally type /nick PXFantome.
OK? Hope to see you in there. I am still a bit bamboozled by irc as it is a whole new world to me but after a while you do pick up how it works, even old dodders like me!!! LOL!!!Cya and take care,Fantome Bibliography:

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