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Published: 2021-09-04 17:45:13
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I am currently into my third year of law school and I consider myself modestly successful. Despite my academic achievement, I attended a hockey program in CU where I earned my first four years of college education.
It is the year 2011 and things have changed dramatically since my days in middle school. There are constant shuttles to the moon and the mach V airplane is dominating the world above the ground. There is a new cure for cancer and lab rats can now create cancer cells and further the testing of newly found drugs. On a military front, Germany and Russia have joined forces, quit the UN, and it is speculated that they are planning what the news media is calling World War III, which would be a disastrous event.
With my school schedule I usually arrive back home late in the afternoon. My wife, Melissa, and I try to sit down and talk about our day. We have a boy, Jake, and a girl, Jamie and we usually talk about them and their day the most. I have always had a love for travel and we try to spend spring break at my parents beach house in Florida on Anna Marie Island.
With living in Colorado it is always enjoyable to spend time in Florida at the beach. Most of my family is still alive and well. My parents live in Florida along with most of my aunts and my one uncle. All but two of my aunts are still alive and as I believe family is important, I am a constant visitor with them and my family and I try to spend plenty of time with them. I am currently working as a law clerk and hope to gain full employment with them.
I would also like to be able to travel the world before I start full time employment. I grew up traveling with my parents and one of my favorite places is Italy, which we visit often. The life I live is a great one. It is filled with a wonderful family and a bright future.
My parents are healthy and still alive and I hope this gift will last forever, or at least until I am thirty!Bibliography:

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