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Published: 2021-09-11 18:35:09
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What do you like about the novel? Minus (-)CLC this column, you should list any negatives about the novel you read What do you dislike about the novel? I Interesting this column, you should list any questions you have. What would you like to know about this novel? I The Novel is positive because it shows how Spas has gone thru many hardships in his life, but keeps thinking positive.
II dislike how its way into the future only because it makes me feel jealous that we don’t have these cool technologies now. Really enjoy the story, there’s nothing really dislike. II am very curious to know about how the author could of came up with this. This story is like a whole futuristic world, its so creative. I Looking at the comments in your three lists, try to come up with a theme for the novel you read.
Don’t worry about writing your theme in “fancy” language; use your own words to capture the larger message in the story. Write a possible theme for the novel here: No matter what life can throw your way, don’t ever give up, (As they say in tennis, “It doesn’t matter how hard your hit, it matters how hard you get hit, and keep moving forward”. It definitely applies to life and this story,) Name another book that has this theme.

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