Lgbt Discrimination And The Lgbt Community Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 11:50:06
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Transgender Discrimination in America Living in America, discrimination is something that has always been present in the American culture. Discrimination can come in many forms, and effects many associated with it. Although many communities have been discriminated against, the LGBT community is one who has experienced some of the harshest hatred in America. Amongst the LGBT community, members who are transgendered often get the most back lash for expressing their sexuality. Discrimination is something the transgendered community knows all too well.
Many people seem to have problems with the fact that most members of the Transgender community perform either the sexual reassignment surgery to turn them into the opposite gender, or they get facial feminization surgeries and take hormones to increase their chances of being as close to the opposite sex as they can. Discrimination towards this community has increased due to our increase use of social media, and recent celebrities “Coming Out” as transgender. The use of social media discrimination towards the transgender community makes it easier to become victim to insecurities for simply being who they are. Discrimination towards this community also can be verbal, and sometimes violent. Transgender discrimination is an issue that is increasing in the American culture, and has made itself present in life in many ways for Transgendered Americans. One of the most common misconceptions made by most Americans is what represents someone as transgendered.
Some common misconceptions are that a transgendered person is simply someone who dresses as the opposite sex. Although dressing as the opposite sex is a characteristic, there is much more to what makes someone a transgendered person. Al. .rience homelessness with about forty-four percent of them being black transgender (Moodie-Mills). Homelessness for black Trans is often caused from high rates of rejection, violence, and discrimination within their families, churches, and the black community (Moodie-Mills).
Many black Trans come out at earlier ages, often while they are teens (Moodie-Mills). Coming out at earlier ages makes it harder for black Trans because they are still dependent on their families in most cases (Moodie-Mills). Rejection makes the level of vulnerability to go up which is the case for many black Trans (Moodie-Mills). Black transgendered often fall through the cracks when lumped under the gay or black umbrella (Moodie-Mills). In most ethnic communities more so in the African American community, the LGBT community is still seen as a taboo subject, and is less accepted (Moodie-Mills).

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