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Published: 2021-08-31 17:40:12
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The whole Mcas testing is simply the plot of anxious politicians tryingto make themselves look appealing in the lime light.
They put kids like us through this horrible stress and agony so they will have an educationreform to make. They give huge curriculums that are near impossible to accomplishunless school was extended by 2 hours a day and by excluding summer vacation. Teachers are never ready to teach all of this, half of it they were never taughtthemselves. Also, making it a requirement to pass high school is eronious.
To saythat a child has to know the field excavation plan of a ecologically stable grassland is completely irrelevant to the future they may plan in culinary arts. The MCAS are unfair, outrageous, and just a way for politicians to boost theirBibliography:

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