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Published: 2021-09-12 06:50:08
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Describe an important idea in the text. Explain how visual and/or verbal features showed you that this idea was important An important idea in the film Mena Creek, directed by Jacob Aaron Estes in the Loss of innocence/Coming of age because when within the film almost every character where they don’t change a lot and think about it up until George’s death they’re changed a lot and they think about like a mature and adult person of how to treat this new situation in front of them.
We can see this in the Aftermath Scene. The verbal and visual features that helped me understand is which is an important idea in the used are tracking, close-up, dialogue and low/high angle. Firstly, the director has used the dialogue technique in this film to show that how the characters are feeling about it. For example we can see that when Rocky tell Sam that “What are you trying to say, Sam? You have to trust me on this Sam. I’m your brother. ” Then Sam tell his brother that “But I don’t trust you. We can see this that now Sam has loosen the trust on Rocky and they now don’t trust each other which is the huge loss of innocence/coming of age between Sam and Rocky. This was important because it tell us that how people lose trust of each other when they are in this situation in their real life so that characters in the film has also loosen their trust with each other. Secondly, the director has used close-up technique to show us that emotions or feeling of the characters.
There are a lot of examples for this but the main two examples for this are first the George’s watch and second Millie stabbing the snail. First example was important because this symbolises us that the time is gonna change and we can also say that the time has stopped. Second example was important because this reflects us that something has been snapped inside herself. This close-up technique was important in the film because this show us that George has died and she thinks that she is a killer and she will be reminded of this in her whole life which was the loss of innocence/coming of age to her.
Thirdly, the director has used the low/high angle technique used in this to tell us how scary, powerful or weaker, nicer, horror the person is. We can see this by an example from the film which is a fight between Clyde and Marty with Rocky intervening which show us the moment that how the relationship has been changed between Rocky, Clyde and Marty but mostly about Clyde and Marty. This is a key moment because Clyde was always good with Marty now he is very bad. They are also close together.
This was important to the film because it tells us that Clyde is a nice person and he thinks good for other people when coming into the worst situation so like him there are also people in the world who are good but they become bad when coming into this situation. Overall the director has used these three important techniques to tell us about each character feelings and who is the mature person of all. He has also used lots of things which symbolises to us in our day – to – day life’s for example in close – up he has used George’s watch which symbolises us that the time is gonna change or the time has stopped for a minute.

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