Mentorship and Becoming an Adult Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 16:30:09
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One person that I would consider a mentor is my best friend, Shamaila. The reason that I would consider her as a mentor is because she has got me through so much and has had a big impact on my life. She has guided me through thick and thin; and she has stood by me every minute of every day no matter how tough a situation has gotten. She has continuously offered her suggestions, and has always helped me make the right decision so that I can continue to pursue my dream of becoming an accountant, and so that I can properly grow into adulthood. She reminds me of my different responsibilities and always offers her support through what I am doing and through my experiences.
Shamaila and I’s relationship came to be when we met in grade 9. I was quiet and she was very loud, but we had one thing in common. We were both friends with one person. We were sitting together, and we got to know each other and this lead to our friendship, and we are still the best of friends today. In my opinion, no one really initiated the relationship that we have, it was more of us coming together for one cause, or one reason, and that was to help each other out in different situations. It was to know that others loved us other than our parents and family, so we could have other people to invite into our circle of happiness.
In our community, it is unusual to have mentors, or an adult initiation ceremony, but we got together and now both of us have each other’s backs. The goal of our relationship is simple. It is to guide one another to success, and for each of us to know that we are loved. There is no timing for our relationship, and we are both going to be there for one another, till we go our separate ways, and try new things. But even then, we will alw. .
that takes a lot of time, and it can’t happen over one ceremony. It takes years, and grows with responsibility, and this can’t be piled onto a person who isn’t yet ready. You have to give that responsibly, one task at a time. In my community, I don’t have any rituals, but if I had to choose one to have, it would be that I would want a ceremony that would acknowledge when I have grown up. So the ceremony would not happen when you reach a specific age, but when each individual feels that they are old and mature enough to have that ceremony. When they know that they are ready for the responsibility that comes with growing up and being a role model for others, especially kids.
Mentorship is a special relationship. It is one of teacher and student. But in the end, a mentor is a best friend, a teacher, a parent, and an overall good influence, packaged into one person.

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