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Published: 2021-09-12 07:40:11
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1. Cast Away.  Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator.
http://castawaymovie. com/index2. html March 19, 2001This article emphasizes the idea that no matter how many obstacles are put in our path, we will find ways to accept them.  This article is well written, but has limited amounts of information present. 2.
Cavemans Valentine. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www. beatboxbetty.
com/moviereviews/moviereviews1/moviereviews1. htm#cavemansvalentine March 18, 2001This article states that there are many nice touches to the thriller.  Samuel L. Jackson portrays his character very well.  This article does not have much information on Cavemans Valentine, but it written well.
3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Dogpile Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www. findaarticles. com/m1312/1_379/62496416/p1/article. htmlMarch 18,2001This article describes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as The Matrix of traditional martial arts films.
This movie of revenge is brought to life by its magnificent combat scenes.  This article provides a great review and is written well. 4. Down to Earth. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http://hollywood.
com/movies/downtoearth/index. html March 17, 2001The synopsis of this movie reveals that Down to Earth is based on the 1978 movie Heaven can Wait. This article gives a detailed description of the movie and is easy to read. 5. Enemy at the Gates. Dogpile Online: Netscape Navigator.
http://www. filmreview. co. uk/db/review. cgi?enemyatthegates March 20, 2001The article tells of how Enemy at the Gates brings to life the battle of Stalingrad.  The movie is very long and there is not suspense or action to hold the viewers attention.
 The article is well written and clearly explains the movie. 6. Ebert, Roger. Billy Elliot.
Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www. suntimes. com/Ebert/Ebert_reviews/2000/10/10/302. htmlMarch 21, 2001Ebert describes Billy Elliot as awkwardly put together and unexplainable shifts in characters.  This article is well written and easy to understand.
7. Fellowship of The Rings. Google Online: Netscape Navigatorhttp://movies. ign. com/preview/2014.
html March 20, 2001This article describes Fellowship of the Rings an amazing picture that are dead on the books, and bring them to life.  The article not smoothly written and lacks much description. 8. Finding Forrester. Dogpile Online: Netscape Navigatorhttp://spe. sony.
com/movies/findingforrester/html March 20,2001This article includes director Van Sants views of how Finding Forrester is a progression form his Good Will Hunting.  This article is focused on the directors and screenwriters views of the film.  It is  written well and easily readable. 9.
Fred, Chris. 15 Minutes. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www.
movie-list. com/num. 15minutes. shtmlFred describes 15 Minutes as trying to portray the truth about the society of America.  This article is poorly written. 10.
Holt, Dera. Traffic. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. http://indie-review. com/movies/traffic.
html March 17, 2001Holt describes the films great writing, compelling plot, and amazing cinematography.  Traffic is one of the best movies of the year.  This article is well written and covers all parts of the movie. 11. Knockaround Guys.
Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www. movie-source. com/jk/knockaroundguys/ March 21, 2001This review explains that Knockaround Guys has a pointless plot and no excitement.  This article is poorly written and is strongly opinionated.
12. The Mexican. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http:// www. eonline. com/reviews/facts/movies/reviews/0.
1052,81466,100. html March 18, 2001This article brings up that Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts share few scenes and have a lack of on screen chemistry.  The article is written in a humorous fashion and is lacks much length. 13. The Mummy Returns.
Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. http://movies. go. com/movies/M/mummyreturnsthe_2001/ March 19, 2001The synopsis of The Mummy Returns explains the reuniting of Fraser and Weisz who store the remains of a mummy.
 This article is poorly written and describes little about the movie. 14. OBrother Where Art Thou. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www.
rottentomatoes. com/click/movie-1102021/review. php?critic=approved&sortby=default&page=1&rid=172231 March 19, 2001The article explains the Coen brothers genius as they have turned Homers Odyssey into an adventure through the American south during the Great Depression. This article is well written and clearly explains every aspect of the movie. 15.
Planet of the Apes. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http:// members. tripod. com/planetOapes/ March 19, 2001This article explains that Planet of the Apes is inspired by the entire series of Planet of the Apes and not just the first film.
 This article is well written and covers a good amount of aspects of the movie. 16. Samdahl, Erik. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. Netscape Navigatorhttp://www.
movie-source. com/c/crocodiledundee3/index. html March 20, 2001Samdahl believes that this movie will have some time in th spotlight, but without a good reception it will fade away quickly.  This movie may put Paul Hogan back in the movies for a short while.  This article is well written and easily comprehended.
17. See Spot Run. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http://members/s/seespotrun/html March 17, 2001This article explains See Spot Run as a twisted pathetic spoof of Turner and Hooch with a stupid plot line and lame characters.  This article is short and to the point and easily understandable. 18.
Snatch. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. http://entertainment. chickclick. com/articles/18101p1. html March 18, 200lThis article explains that Snatch is a brilliant comedy that will be the movie of 2001.
 The movie is full of British slang that is hard to understand to an untrained ear.  This article is well written and covers many aspects of the movie. 19. Stax. Hannibal.
Dogpile Online: Netscape Navigator. http://www. screenwritersutopia. com/script_reviews/Hannibal. html March 19, 2001This article compares the new Hannibal to the original.  The new Hannibal has new scenes, better use of dialogue, and much improvement.
 This article is well written and has much detail about the movie. 20. 3000 Miles to Graceland. Alta Vista Online: Netscape Navigator.
http://www. movietickets. com/movie_review. asp?_id=29557 March 18, 2001This article displays the adventure between two cell mates planning to pull off the heist of a life time.  This article is well written and stated clearly.

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