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Published: 2021-09-11 04:45:09
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The findings of the Qualitative Research (a Focus Group) were reported separately. Graduate Program in Arts Administration Located in the dynamic city of New Orleans, the Arts and Culture center of the South, the Graduate Program in Arts Administration at the University of New Orleans prepares students as cultural entrepreneurs and for administrative careers Within both visual and performing arts organizations. The Program combines classroom study led by a dedicated faculty with opportunities for experiential study in the New Orleans community, then culminates in an internship providing for a smooth transition to the arts workplace.
Purpose LION Graduate Program in Arts Administration and their cultural arts events partners will use the findings of this study to increase attendance at ticketed performing arts events as well as to develop ways to cross fertilize ticket sales across performing arts entities. Methodology To meet the Research Objectives of this project, a two-phase study was planned. Phase One ; Qualitative Research in the form of a pocus Group (reported separately).

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