Music Industry and the Billboard Charts Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 05:35:09
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Since 1936, Billboard Magazine has been doing these calculations. The magazine now known as Billboard had its start all the way back in 1894, Two men, William H. Donaldson and James H. Henna, For the first four years of their publishing of these lists, they were called “Hit Parades” but in 1940 the “Music Popularity Chart’ was born, and ever since, an album or songs ranking on this all-important Billboard Chart has been the definitive source tort success. Along the way in the last 70 years, many different genres in music have been defined and given their own separate Billboard charts.
Concerts and tours are a primary way in which recording artist today can Our world is changing at an exponential pace with new technology The pop music industry of today has had to adjust to the shift from CDC to digital music files. Of all media, music is the most easily pirated and record companies have had to find ways to entice people to buy music legally again to support the artists and producers Who make these songs. With the advent and common usage Of the Internet beginning in the late sass’s, piracy became a major concern for music producers and artists.
The website Anapest was a pioneer in this illegal trade. Originally created by brothers John and Shawn Fanning and their friend Sean Parker, Anapest posted MPH files for free download of popular recording artists. Sean Parker, of course went on to Faceable fame, and was played in the 2009 movie The Social Network by Justine Timberline. Today, Anapest is owned by Best Buy and provides music files to be bought in a legal way, After Anapest, many other websites followed suit, most of which have been shut down in recent years, These included Aziza, Limier, Brasher, and cozens tot others.
Apple was the first company to gain popularity in the legal download of music files with their tunes service. tunes now has over 250,000 tracks available for immediate download. Within the last two years, Amazon The music scene today, in the Fall of 2011, is in a state of flux in dealing with the technology of today. Bill The history of popular music is a fascinating one. With my 15 pages, I will kick at the history Of the Billboard charts, from albums and records to CDC to today, verge digital downloading is king. Ill look at some issues that face recorded music.
Today, a song cannot be a hit single Without a music video. VIVO and Youth are keys to getting potential fans to pay attention, get Top 40 radio airplay, and sell singles and digital albums on tunes, Amazon, and other downloading sites. Pop music of the moment is driven by danceable beats, plenty of rap and hip hop styles mixed with synch and pop to what is affectionately known as whip-pop”, and artists with larger than life persona.

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