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Published: 2021-09-02 08:05:06
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Disney movies have always created various stories based upon legends. To name a few: Hercules, Pocahontas, and The Sword in the Stone. The characters in these movies have shown various characteristics that possess values that are thought of as great, even years after this these films have been released. Disney has not always shown all of the various eras of time in which legends were to have taken place.
These have been shown in the Medieval, American Frontier, and even Ancient Greco-Roman time. Legends often reflect the beliefs and values of their culture. During the era of Medieval England, characters have shown bravery as in The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake, where Sir Launcelot fought alongside King Bagdemagus verses the King of North Galys and his knights. Another incidence of bravery came about in the story of The Death of King Arthur, in which Queen Gwenevere didnt go to London for trousseau like she had told others, but rather to the Tower of London and had her loyal nobles protect her. During this time period, characters from various stories also showed their Strength as in The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake.
Sir Launcelot was able to fight and defeat many other knights with only one spear. Another characteristic was the mens loyalty and their respect for women. In The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake, Sir Launcelot knew not to choose one of the four queens, but rather to be loyal to his true love, Gwenyvere. Not only in this time period and area were the characters values shown through, but also in the American Frontier.
Big Mose, of Big Mose and the Lady Washington showed his strength when he was able to push a full powered steam engine all by himself and win, at that. Many people also were very resourceful; they used whatever they had that was handy. This was the case with John Darling did in John Darling and the Skeeter Chariot. He was able to make a chariot for himself out of mosquitoes and was able to hitch a ride on it all the way to China.
There is more than just one example of good values shown through each story. Paul Bunyan, from Paul Bunyan and the Winter of the Blue Snow, was able to think of a better way to not only cut logs down in a faster and easier way, but also remove a log jam further down the river. When the men down by the Gulf of Mexico refused to pay, most common people would just let it go. This was not the case for Paul Bunyan.
He thought up a plan that included his ox drinking the water back up the river which, in return, forced the men to pay what they owed. Even in the Ancient Greco-Roman time period there were characters that even today, we can look back on it and learn from. In this time period was the story of Hercules. He showed major strength everywhere that he went, going undefeated when fighting various monsters. He did abnormal things which make people of today strive to accomplish similar successes.
Being able to lift heavy rocks, Hercules was able to save two kids that were stuck under. Also, Hercules was always loyal to the one that he loved. He risked his own life for his love, Meg. Even though at times she had to back stab him, he was still able to maintain a sense of always trusting her. Another wonderful value shown through Hercules was his manner in which he put others before himself.
In order to become a true king, he had to possess this value. He demonstrated this value when risking his life for the sake of Meg. Even in this time and setting, values have been used to make the story more believable, thus making it easier to follow and to strive to achieve similar values. There will be other Disney films that will be made in the future. Most assuredly, these films will include legendary characters that possess values that are heroic and worthy of our attention.Bibliography:

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