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Published: 2021-09-10 02:55:09
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The director of Othello at the Alley was very curious to know how other productions had 0 ,t* ,, , , ^n rr, r -, handled the “trance” scene (i. e. the moment in 4. 1 when Othello falls into an epileptic seizure).
A ;pl ut’I u hAS Find as many descriptions as you can of how this moment was staged in other productions ^#tb{t Ofi 5;dpI’otqfilmed versions of the play count) and write up summaries of them. Also, compile informationil, ‘4*uf*r1 g $: on the different types of seizures that epileptics experience in real life: what they look like, whatT :,Uln-( they feel like for the sufferer, what causes ih”m, etc. These documents should be aimed aittre ?3W . rr- It I audience of a director and the actor plafng Othello.
:irt*rE vL’w’v’ ur**{ff*”o*. . n1?tft*e*?l-he$r-4) The actor playing Michael Cassio in the Alley production was very curious about his statu$ld’ff irl d;> ‘an outsider. He has in common with Othello that he is not a native of Venice.
Where is hefrom? What was the popular image of Cassio’s home city in Shakespeare’s day, and what wasthe basis for this image? How do other characters (especially Iago) refer to Cassio in the play,and how are these references connected to his home city? Answer these questions in a report forthe director and the actor playing Cassio.

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