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Published: 2021-09-12 15:30:10
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The movie Pearl Harbor Essay is a depiction of the actual attack from the Japanese on American soil. It appears that the Japanese’s peace talks with the United States was a ploy to set up the most surprising attack that the United States has every experienced. It is clear the attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise and something that Naval Intelligence had at one point hinted of the possibility of such attack occurring.
On December 7, 1941, from 7 am to 9:45 am. , and a clear day on Sunday. Pearl Harbor was attacked and over 3,000 lives were lost. According to our US.
History book, 2,400 lives were lost on this day and 1,200 wounded. Since July of 1941 Naval Intelligence hinted of the possibility of such attack. The Japanese deliberately sent radio messaged to confuse the Americans to think that peace was a common vision. During this time World War II was being fought in Europe. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain was asking for more planes and warships from the Americans.
The United States did not want to commit any troops to the was in “Europe. “After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States had not choice, but to get involved and commit to fighting with the Allies forcer in Europe. This is proof that preempted strikes are sometimes necessary to prevent loss of human lives. In the mist of the attack, the hospitals were being bombarded by patients that they could not handle. Nurses were forced to label bodies or lives that were salvageable against lives that soon die.
They had to expand energy on those that had the possibility to survive. Imagine having to label bodies and almost play the role of “God. ” To have to decide who is dying and who has that extreme possibility to live. Meanwhile, as the Japanese continue their bombing, there some smaller air fields that had not recognized initially. There were some pilots that were able to man their planes and shoot down many planes. The Japanese lost 29 out of 350 planes on their attack on the United States.
Strategically, the Japanese attacked the Island of Pearl Harbor, from the northeast. Which means that they were attacked from behind other Islands of Hawaii. The technology was that Japanese torpedoes where armed with wooden panels so that when they entered shallow waters and strike their targets at ease. According to the our textbook, nearly 300 American warplanes were damaged, 18 warships had been sunk to its end. Many soldiers drowned as they were trapped in the ships as many jumped out.
Many navy men, were crushed by bombs, and bullets that shot from the Japanese airplanes. This all out attack woke up a “sleeping giant. ” The United States were called out to War. We responded and eventually won the War. The movie “Pearl Harbor,” captured the look and feel for what exactly happened. The image of a tremendous ship sinking and sucking navy men down underwater as they drown, was a horrifying scene.
Bloodshed spread throughout the waters of Pearl Harbor. What once looked like a tropical paradise became a demolished land, full of blood and destruction. I would one day like to meet someone that was alive and present during this time, I would have many questions for him or her. .

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