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Published: 2021-09-10 23:35:10
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Poetry is the flamboyant description of life and love, in where every poem uses techniques to portray the emotions and feeling of the story. They can describe the ultimatum or the pinnacle of somebody life, to the horror and the hopelessness of life at the lowest. Many people over history have used poems to describe moments in their life, from heartbreaking love, to utmost disgust, to true happiness in their life. Love, hate, sympathy, fear, and disgust are strong emotions and are the common epics of poems, whether that be at themselves, or a loved one, or even a moment in, life that has been captured in life.
Christian Rosettes, the author of the sonnet “Remember”, describes and creates and image of somebody who is longing for her existence to be remembered by the people she loves, in fear of being removed from existence, but changes the pace of the poem in the last six lines, as if she realizes that to remember her passing would cause her loved ones grief and heartbreak, and tries to console her family with her selflessness n deciding that she would rather they forgot her in order to be happy.
The use of emotive language, and the use of personification of the ‘silent land’, describes her view and image of death, being gloomy, cold, and quiet, forever. The monologue of her asking to remember the plans shared or memories of her is like she is begging not to be forgotten, and the assonance sets the tone to a gloomy melancholic mood similar to people at a funeral. This poem captures the moment of somebody dying, and the fear of being gone forever, and not even existing in the memories of people, ND finally getting over that feeling, in realizing that it would cause pain and grief in remembering her death.
Poetry can also capture the highest moment in a persons life such as being in love, or being above the rest of the mundane world as shown in the poem ‘High Flight” John Image, the man behind ‘High Flight’, describes the grace of flight and is trying to explain a message without the use of voice. It is the most famous and aviation poem. Image was trying to explain how he felt when he was flying high above the land. Using alliteration and Juxtaposition in ‘Burning Blue’ is used to describe how burning is hot, while blue the color is cool and calm.
The pace in line nine stops halfway with a comma, to indicate the narrator has paused during the beginning of his idea. It keeps the reader waiting for the next idea while he describes the atmosphere and feeling in the sky. Line two tells us of Image soaring through the sky and really loved it, and repeats in line eight when Image says ‘eager craft, through footless halls of air’, he is indeed describing the aircrafts eagerness, and the moment in his life, featured and frozen in time, for the people to understand.
These poems describe a moment in time in somebody life, and the feelings and emotions that are too strong to hold to oneself and keep it as a secret. They both capture the moment, using a range of poetic techniques to turn what a bland event in life into a moment that could be special. High flight shows the brilliance and one’s love of flying and for aircraft whilst Remember shows the despair of dying and the realization of the insignificance her individual person’s existence compared to the world.

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