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Published: 2021-09-12 18:15:11
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Present Day (2015)“You know what would be funny? If we get really close this year, and then move away for college to never see each other.” “Aw, come on, man,” he said making a sad, scrunched up face. I felt kinda bad after saying that, I didn’t think it was really funny, I only said that because in reality, after our senior year, friendships are going to go to shit. 5 Years Earlier (2010)Yikes. The first day of middle school.
I can not wait to meet new people and make new memories. I step on to the campus of the middle school and learn where my home room class is. As I enter my homeroom I see my best friend, Julia. Thank God there is someone I can talk to and not sit awkwardly alone. The bell rings, telling all the students first period, homeroom, is starting. My teacher is an older fellow with glasses, on the shorter side, and going bald.
He pulls up a seating chart for the class that is heading in, and I part from Julia to go to my seat, which is in alphabetical order by last name. I ended up in the second column but first row, so I was near the door, but close enough to the teacher when he would be teaching. Since Julia and I were one of the first people in our classroom we were able to watch everyone that entered one by one. In with the crowd of kids, there is this boy who is wearing a Beatles shirt. It is black and only had the members faces on it, all in different colors. I funnily have the exact same shirt because I am such a tomboy and LOVE the Beatles.
They were the only thing I listened to for 3 years in a row.“Nice shirt,” I said to the very cute blond curly haired boy. He didn’t say anything, just smiled at me then took his seat. Our teacher was giving us the rundown on the school and rules in his class and such. .h class because of the impact he has made on my life.
All he had to say is that he is happy he could help me in one way. Every other day, I meet Jeremy after my 4th period class. He is headed home and I to my next class. We have brief conversation yet it is the highlight of my day. Today, he high fived me, wearing the flannel he wore the other night. My friend sent me a text in my next class.
She wrote that her parents are out of town this weekend, and that I should invite Jeremy. Now sorry to spoil it for you, I may not know what the future holds, but there is not going to be any sex, drugs or rock and roll in this story. Well maybe a bit of rock n roll. I immediately send a text to Jeremy, and he is totally willing to spend the night with me. Who knows what the night will consist of, will something further our relationship, or will our friendship become stronger?

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