Racial Profiling Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 12:15:10
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Racial Profiling Essay is the act to draw or shape or bring outside its orginal or aphis. Racial Profiling has been around for years and still is a subject that doesn’t lose it structure.
It should not be mixed in with Stereotyping, because they are two different things. This type of profiling includes many different areas where it can take place in. Thus as in the military, school, television, media, music and last of not least law enforcement. Racial Profiling does not just happen to black people because that it happens to all races in our wrold.
Actually being racially profiled can happen to anyone no matter what race or gender or what that you may or not believe in. The definition of Racial Profiling is that of acting toward someone in a manner which seems undone because of race or sexuatlility. This is something that police officers use to help them arrest and usually convict drug dealers, prostitutes, pick pocketers, and gang members. They are identified by their clothes, the way they react to officers and the way they congerate at times of the day. For example, do you see anyone getting arrested for prostitution in the lobby of a hotel bar, the answer is no. The reason why is because of that they dont dress in high-heels, fish-net pantyhose, tube tops and a plastic mini-skirt.
But the street prostitutes do dress like that and that is why they draw attention to themselves. That is one of the reasons that Racial Profiling is a good thing and should not be outlawed. .

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