Roosevelts Conservation and Consumer Protection Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 13:00:08
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President Theodore Roosevelt and the progressives made their greatestsuccess in the fields of conservation and consumer protection. Not manypeople would stand against them, making them successful. Roosevelt stoodagainst greater opposition on the other progressive issues that could havebeen more prosperous, yet were not so widely accepted. Conservation did have problems, for Roosevelt and Pinchot bothbelieved that the resources of the nation should be used wisely.
Pinchotbelieved that wilderness was waste. However Theodore Roosevelt realizedthat one of the nations resources that had to be saved for posterity waswilderness. He helped organize national parks that still exist today, such asYosemite National Park. Muir of the Sierra Club believed in this in aspare-that-tree way and stood against the Hetch Hetchy dam affair thatPinchot supported. This controversy is still debatable to this date. After loosing his stomach for sausage due to reading Upton SinclairsThe Jungle, Theodore Roosevelt helped to spur the National Food and DrugAssociation, and meat packing inspection.
Relatively few people wouldargue with meat packing inspection regulations after being introduced toconditions described by Sinclairs muckraking. Muckraking helped to alertthe people of the country of corruption all around them. Although its contentwould be treated like the scandal reveling investigative reporting seen today,it played a crucial role in the safety of many people. Theodore Rooseveltread The Jungle proving its value for all meat consumers to read and soonfind meat unpalatable.

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