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Published: 2021-09-12 18:45:12
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It was one of those nights that the sky was clear and the stars were visible. I had just defeated the stress of finals and was now ready to be back in action; the late night activity of the San Francisco underground scene was calling my name. It is where a person could go and walk down one street and probably visit at least 30 clubs by doing this.
There was a particular flavor I was in search of this night, something that could make me exert my body to its fullest extent. I needed to go and release some stress by dancing at a club, I needed to let loose. When my friends Mike, Christina and I arrived in San Francisco our first destination was the Cat Club. It was a seedy little place hosted the break beat and jungle music.
It wasnt much to look at it, with its dark entrance and several vagrants sleeping in the street near the entrance. A different crowd hung out there. It was a mixture of old dance party burnouts and very young ambitious club-goers. I felt confident though, I was going to go in there and knock the crowds socks off. I was in my best fits (outfit); I was wearing my black old school Adidas running suit with white stripes, and a black Kangol hat. The Adidas Superstar shoes that I was wearing had my white fat laces in them, to add a little flavor, but the shoes themselves looked almost war torn; they were scared from many other late nights.
As the line moved forward closer to the entrance of the club, I could feel the pulsating vibes of the music like a gust of wind every time the door was opened to allow other patrons into the club. It sounded wild in there, I was outside and I wanted to be in there so bad. Just the sound of the music and feeling of the vibration was making me more anxious then ever. I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I needed to be inside, on the dance floor, just it and me.
I was going to dance tonight. Suddenly, the line had stopped. What was going on? This couldnt be happening I needed to be inside; I needed to feel weightless and sweaty from some fast paced break dancing. My legs were jittery with anticipation. I felt like I was going to go mad.
Mike being as pushy as he usually is walked up to the bouncer and in his English accent said to him, Oie, whats the hold up, why are we still standing outside freezing our bullocks off??? The bouncer looked at him with amazement that someone would actually approach him that way. I heard him say very humbly, that the bathroom had been backed up so they needed to clean the overflow and it would be about 33 minutes; he said that they didnt want to let anymore people in so it wouldnt intensify the mess. It was understandable, but I was now at the edge. Mike walked back and looked over he knew without saying anything that I had heard what the bouncer said.
Not a word was said for about 5 minutes until Christina began whining, I am so bored waiting in line just is not fun! My clothes are too expensive to just be standing here in the street!!!! As pretty as I am she be the first one in, god damn it!!!! She was a bit self-centered. She loved to play the displaced glamour queen. I didnt pay much attention to her; I just needed to dance! At this point it felt as though all of the stress that had built up from school was coming back tenfold. I hated waiting in line at clubs it was the worst thing to do. Usually you would know someone at the club and they would put you on the list or the line moved pretty quick.
I felt like a social reject waiting in line with people that I had never noticed in any club before. I sat here and wondered where the hell were most of theses people when I

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