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Published: 2021-09-11 16:20:09
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Title: The consumer in-home provider satisfaction survey. Problem Statement: The practicum agency that I work at is the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging which is located in downtown Pittsburgh. The purpose of my agency is to help senior citizens over the age of 60, who need services. I work in the PDA waiver (Pennsylvania Department of Aging) section that is made up of eight caseworkers, two typists, and one supervisor.
My department’s mission is to provide current information of services and programs available to senior citizens and their families. The overall mission of the agency is to plan, organize, coordinate, convene, programs and funds where possible to the elderly of Allegheny County. The goal of my agency is to satisfy the consumer therefore, my survey will help determine how satisfied consumers are with the services they receive through the PDA Waiver program. PDA Waiver offers home and community based services to low-income consumers as an alternative to nursing home care.
The financial eligibility requirements are $2,000 in resources and less than $1,593 in monthly income. The functional eligibility requirement is that consumers must be age 60 or older and nursing home eligible. There are fourteen different services that the PDA Waiver program offers to consumers. The services are typical of those provided in nursing homes.
I will be examining how satisfied the PDA Waiver consumers are with their in-home providers. In-home providers go into the home and assist consumers with actives of daily living (ADL) which include bathing, grooming, eating, transferring, and toileting. In-home providers also assist with instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) such as preparing meals, laundry, shopping, transportation, and money management. I will be looking at worker timeliness, agency reliability and worker timesheet compliance.
After looking at those three elements, I will compare the consumer comfort level and overall satisfaction with surveys that were conducted in the past. The results from my survey will allow my agency to work with the in-home providers that had a low score, so that the consumers are satisfied with their services. Participants: There are approximately 350 PDA Waiver consumers that receive services through my agency. I am going to do a random sample of the consumers that have been receiving services for more than one month. I will randomly choose 75 names from the list of PDA Waiver consumers that have been receiving services for at least one month.
My survey is descriptive because I am only studying one group of participants. I will not be comparing in-home provider agency’s with each other or past results with my survey. I thought it would be hard to compare past results to my results because consumers are chosen randomly, not all in-home provider agency’s are given an equal opportunity of being in the survey. The survey will be confidential and participants will be assigned a number to their survey sheet. I will need to know the names of the participants so I can make sure I am speaking with the right person. After introducing myself to the consumer, I will explain the purpose of the survey and assure them that their answers will not affect their services (see Appendix II).
The survey will take approximately five to seven minutes to complete. I will call the consumers up to three times until I talk to the consumer/caregiver. If I do not get a hold the consumer/caregiver I will include them in the total amount survey but I will not count them as respondents. The Study Design:I will get a list of current PDA Waiver consumers and only those who have received services before October 1, 2001 will be eligible to participate in the survey.
I thought that consumers who were not receiving services for at least one month would not be able to decide if they are satisfied with their in-home providers. I will start calling the participants during the first week in November and I will finish calling the consumers the third week in December. Measurements: I will be conducting a telephone survey to find out how satisfied PDA Waiver consumers are with their services. I will be asking a total of 14 short, closed-ended questions using the Lickert scale.
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