Stand Up And Fight Essay

Published: 2021-08-31 18:15:15
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I have a right to be angry. I grew up in Mobile, AL.
When I was young, this place was almost all White. Everywhere I went I saw only my own people. I could ride my bicycle anywhere without fear. There were no gangs, or drugs, or drive-by shootings, or anything.
The kind of guys we were afraid of in school would be total wimps today. That country felt like home. It was a home. All that is gone now. As I drive through the town where I grew up, half the cars have foreigners in them.
The other half have aging Whites. The houses have fences around their front yards, with spiked arrowheads on top. On the street corners there are mini-malls with strange writing on the signs, in Chinese or Arabic or God knows what. I recently saw something that made me ill.
An old man was walking down the street. He had a long flowing gray beard, and a turban, and the whole bit. He must have been from India. I thought, what the hell is he doing here in my country ? Why doesn’t he stay in his own country ? He has his own homeland to live in. I do not want him here.
Once, I went into Pep Boys. Behind me, I heard two voices talking in some strange garbled language that I had never heard before. I turned around and it was two White kids. I think they must have been from Eastern Europe. I felt ill. Now even the Whites are strangers.
That affected more than all the rest. I do not want to live in a place where everyone is a FREAK ! I want to live in a place where I have some grounding. I do not want to live in a place where everything is always in flux. I want to live in a home. I do not want to live here anymore. All of this is being done to us.
What we want counts for nothing. We live in a phony republic. The people here have about as much power as a student body government. This reminds me of what happens to European countries when they lose a war. Provinces along the border are split off and given to other countries.
Foreigners move in, and the people are oppressed and become second class citizens. California and the whole West Coast are being turned over to Mexico and Asia as settlement colonies. The Southwest is being turned over to Mexico. Florida has been turned over to Cuba. Our country is being carved up, just as if we had lost a war and been occupied.
When Clinton was in office he was a shitty leader. He went around the country making speeches on how it’s a good thing that Whites are being exterminated from the country. The Republicans are little better. They are mostly wanna-be Democrats.
I want to fight this thing, but I don’t know how to do it. I think only a few people even care. If I had the power in my hands, I would set things right.

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