The Economic Discourse Community For Business, Society And Environment Essay

Published: 2021-09-13 06:00:12
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The economic discourse community can be loosely identified as a set of shared values and knowledge in the field of economics. Different from other writings, economic discourse community usually include some technical economic terms and visual information, i.
e. diagrams, tables and charts, etc. Each writing piece has its intended audience, and economists’ writing is no exception. Economists’ writing is usually targeted at economic majors or practitioners in the field of economics. Economic discourse community helps its intended readers to pick up information efficiently and effectively.
Cooperated with partners and leaders in the field of supply chains and transport, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Logistics and Transportation started to conduct research on the supply chain. The report “Beyond Supply Chains Empowering Responsible Value Chains” analyses the impact that supply chain practices has brought to business, society and environment, and explores the issue how shared value can be made through better supply chain decisions. The report identifies “a set of 31 proven supply chain practices which provide companies with a blueprint of where they can gain both commercial and socio-environmental advantage (both environment and local economic development)—driving a triple advantage” (). In addition, the report “provides a framework for evaluating the potential value at stake behind each of these practices, and an implementation framework for…

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