The Engineer Discourse Community : A Journal Article Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 16:45:09
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To open this essay I have to start with saying that I will not be analyzing a manuscript, but a journal article instead, which the reason for will be explained later. Now, to define a journal article in a simple and modern definition, we can say it is a professionally published article that deals with a specialized subject.
More specifically, in this case our genre is an engineering journal article. Contents within will range from current research results, charts and graphs of data, even current standings and analysis on subjects. A journal article is ultimately intended for engineers who have a research interest in a field, with at least some prior knowledge. The level of which its usefulness arises to is based on background knowledge on the topic.
The engineer discourse community who will pick up this genre will most likely be familiar, to a degree, with the content, or at least have prior knowledge of engineering concepts. Those engineers who want to help or further their own research will turn to these articles; they can then base where to begin once having been briefed by its content. These engineering journal articles allow for the progression of engineering, making them the most important genre encountered in the field. Engineers will want to carefully read the information presented, perhaps even a couple times through to fully grasp what they read.
In the end spending ample time to fully explore the article. This shows that the genre itself is meant for…

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