The Healing Art of Music Expressed in Songs by Michael Franti Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 04:05:10
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Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, believed, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just, and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate and eternal form. ” Plato’s theories helped begin the foundation of music and sound in the healing arts, which defines music as inspiring, relaxing, and energizing- in short; it heals and keeps us well.
Music is practiced worldwide as a ealing art, especially in tribal cultures. Lately, this method of healing has been brought into hospitals, rehabilitation units, and health-care settings, and is used to help relieve pain and stress and to promote healing and relaxation, which affect the autonomic, immune, endocrine systems as well as encouraging positive emotional states. Lyricist and vocalist, Michael Franti, strongly believes in this healing art form, and through spiritual and uplifting words and beats in his songs, “Everyone Deserves Music,” “Never Too Late,” and “Yes I Will,” Franti expresses this elief.
Franti makes use of music as a healing art to create emotional empowerment and spiritual elevation, which causes listeners to connect to themselves and each other. Once the listener has connected to himself or herself through his music, he or she is able to relax, and expel emotions and feelings that have been trapped inside their body. Franti believes that, “music has the ability to bring out emotions in us that we never knew existed, and healing occurs when we allow those emotions to crash like waves and dissipate” (qtd. n “Talking ’bout a revolution”).
There are three ways in which music connects to listeners, through the mind, body, and soul. As noted in the article “Talking ’bout a revolution,” “music has the power to heal listeners on a lyrical level to affect the mind, on a physical level in the way we move our bodies, and on an emotional level through the feelings that come up. ” In Franti’s songs, his inspiring lyrics cause people to listen and connect to his messages at an emotional height, and his powerful rhythms impel listeners to move their bodies, releasing roused emotions.
In many of Franti’s lyrics, he relates to listeners and urges them to unify and share joys and pains with one another. Connecting to each other on a level of equality helps the heart and soul- because listeners are able to relate to each other and not be above or below another. In the song, “Everyone Deserves Music,” Franti cries out that, “Even our worst enemies lord, they deserve music,” which demonstrates his idea that music can bring people together, and create personal or global healing (“Talking ’bout a evolution”).
Connecting to listeners on a personal level, Franti shares hardships that he has experienced, which creates a sense of equality. Quoted in Pantsari’s article in the Charleston Post and Courier, Franti explains, “We each have this strong bond and kinship that music can mean something in the hearts of people. It’s not as though music will change the world over night, but I do know it can help us make it through a difficult night. ” Through music, Franti preaches unity, which he believes will help eople to support each other, and enrich healing.
Creating an awareness of origins and roots, Franti encourages listeners to connect to nature and embrace Mother Earth. Franti considers humans as entities, only living on planet Earth, which provides all necessities, and believes, “It’s music, art, and culture that reminds us of who we are and our connection to the Earth” (qtd. in Hopper 16). In his songs, Franti speaks of coming together with nature, and in “Never Too Late,” he advises listeners to come as close to nature as possible when he ings, “Don’t fear the water/ ‘Cause you can swim, inside you within your skin. Once you appreciate and involve yourself with nature, and closely connect yourself, Franti trusts that Mother Earth will bestow benefits. In his song, “Yes I Will,” he reveals, “I believe, that what you sing to the clouds/ Will rain upon you when your sun has gone away/ And I believe, that what you dream to the moon/ Will manifest, before you rest, another day. ” By connecting through music to nature, which everyone shares, Franti’s ounds increase our capacity to communicate on all levels- to nature, to ourselves, and to one another.
Through his music, Michael Franti helps listeners find and follow their spiritual path, while using music as a healing art to overcome troubles along the way. Franti feels that music should express a full rainbow of emotions, and in doing so; he speaks from his heart- relating to listeners at the highest level. Created by his music, the connection between artist to listener, and listener to listener, kindles hidden feelings and liberates deep emotions.
Franti sheds a positive light through his music, and is an inspiring and motivational musician, who desires to make a difference in the world. Viewing his music not only as a healing art, but also a community-building project, Franti is quoted in Chang’s article in the Australian Financial Review, explaining that, “We’re creating a community who believes that music can inspire people and help people get through a difficult night. Maybe it can even change moments in people’s lives and hopefully that can have a ripple effect into the world. “

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