The Museum Of Fine Arts Is Large Consisting Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 23:45:10
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Although it was mainly European, it also has some ancient Egyptian and other cultures such as Korea, India, Japan, etc, Some of the artists saw were: Meant, Picasso, Van Deer Voted, Turner, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Mile Bernard, Antonio De Bellies, & many more! Looking back, wish I had allowed more time to spend their cause an hour and a half just wasn’t enough. They have a vast collection of Impressionist paintings from the well-known artist eke Monet and even lesser known artists. There is so much to see here I could have spent the vole day.
I went to do a project for art history and loved it. At first it’s hard to find your way around, but the staff was extremely helpful and kind. Strangely enough when found myself getting “lost” looking for a certain genre of paintings, that’s when I found some of my favorites. If you are hungry, there is a full Cafe Express which if you have never been to one, they are delicious, I didn’t get a chance to eat at this one so can’t comment n their food or pricing, but they seemed to have a nice set up.
They offer some other extra shows, such as the Meant Exhibit which I planned on going to see, they also have a theater that shows some classics (l was told the Hitchcock silent films this past May was one of their best), & there are also many other daily festivities as well. Wish I had visited here a long time ago, it is definitely a Houston hidden gem for not only the art enthusiast, hut also for people who just enjoy nice things. My favorite part to the museum was the James Turrets light tunnel that connects he two sections of the museum underground.
Its surreal walking through it. It kind of felt like was at a rave without the music. Of course there were some negatives, but the good vastly out ways the bad, Seeing as how I went on a Thursday cause it was free my also cloud my judgment, but the fact that they offer free parking and free admission just makes me want to go back again, even if paid I still feel like it would have been worth the trip.

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