The Republic Of Pakistan Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 10:10:09
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Dominion Republic(Speech)Thank You, ladies and gentlemen. Now, we, The Republic of Pakistan, as wefeel it is our sole duty to do so, would hereby like to take theopportunity to affirm and acknowledge the statements ejaculated by TheDominion Republic. First, we would like to state the present situation of Brazil: Brazil isin trouble! Economic crisis are just too much. Social distress is alsopondering amongst the citizens.
Dreams of a golden future have nowpractically run out. It is in so much trouble, that it holds the worldlargest foreign debt of $130 (Yes, one hundred and thirty),BILLION dollars!Ladies and gentlemen, there are numerous upon numerous examples which wecan share with you to clarify how Brazil’s economy is, to put it bluntly,IN THE PITS! But, you and I have already heard enough examples we needfrom The Dominion Republic themselves. It is no doubt that the governmentof Brazil is lacking in practically every respect. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!We can not let this continue yet further, as it will then be even moredifficult to come out of it later. Here is what the Dominion Republicpurpose:To put a price freeze on all goods and services.
What this would do, isresult in a decrease of Brazilian inflation hence, saving the economy. This must be done! Ladies and gentlemen, there is a solution to everyproblem, unfortunately, the Brazilian government does not seem veryinterested in the remedies. HOWEVER, we, The Republic of Pakistan, feelthat the opportunity should be given to The Dominion Republic to helpassist in the damaged society. One may ask, why is Pakistan interested in such a resolution? Well, weknow how governments are. They are interested PURELY IN THEMSELVES! TheBrazilian government is just like the Kashmir government (but that’sanother speech).
They do what he want, and do NOT give a 2 cents about thepublic. We know where The Dominion Republic is coming from, and we expressour concern as such. So, please, ladies and gentlemen: Acknowledge thelack of decency the governments posses, and help us rise from thisdisaster; only with the help of the United Nations, can we overcome thisdilemma. I thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for listening to us thus far.
And Ialso hope that you understand and acknowledge our concern, as well as theconcern of The Dominion Republic. All our intentions are laid ourclearly, we only hope that you will allow The Dominion Republic theopportunity to prove ourselves. ThankYou.

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